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Welcome to, the premier recreational sports fishing website in South Australia. For those of you who are new to, the FSA Management Team welcomes you. Many of you who make the weekly if not the monthly pilgrimage to this site, you will always find dramatic changes and updates to
South Aust Recreational Fishing Advisory Council

A Guide for Recreational Anglers to improve the survival of line caught fish when released back into the water.
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Code of Conduct for Recreational Boat, Shore, River, Stream and Jetty Anglers in South Aust.
This Code of Conduct provides guidelines to minimise conflicts on the water, and should be adopted by all anglers in the interests of responsible angling.
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Fishing Tips for Women, Kids & Family
West Lakes Profile

A HUGE submission on the West Lakes area has been submitted by Leithal .... Read More .

Accolades must go to Leithal for initiating and running with this. 
Boating Ramp Pictures  NEW 

Please refer to the Boating Ramp Classifications for a detailed reference of the ratings.

A HUGE thanks to justinalanhTJILPIjamie youngchrishshmickChats 
PIRSA Information
Carp Reminder for Fishers
Fishers are reminded of the rules that apply to catching European carp in the River Torrens, Mawson Lakes and all other freshwater watercourses in South Australia.
 European carp are an exotic species and as a result, it is an offence for this species to be returned to the water alive.
 Manager Compliance Operations, Paul Tatarelli said there had been an increasing number of reports recently of fishers catching and then releasing carp.
 "As an introduced species that has adapted to local conditions, European carp dominate many of our freshwater rivers and streams and have a major impact on the health of these waterways and the native fish that populate them" Mr Tatarelli said.
 "Any carp that are caught by recreational fishers should be destroyed humanely and disposed of responsibly".
Closures & Bans
Seasonal closures are declared to protect some heavily fished species during their breeding seasons. Female blue crabs, giant crabs, yabbies and rock lobsters with external eggs are protected because they are close to the completion of their breeding cycle. If caught, they must be returned to the water immediately. ..... Click Here for More.

FSA Guess the Fish Competition
Presented by Glenelg Fishing Charters
The Guess the Fish Competition is back and is once again offering a chance to win a fantasic full day fishing charter with one of the foremost leading Fishing Charter Services available in and around the waters off Adelaide.


The first member to correctly identify the mystery fish each month during 2010 will win one of these highly valued prizes generously donated by John Winslet and Glenelg Fishing Charters. To make your guess Click Here.


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Winslet's Corner
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    Angling Clubs
    Have you considered promoting an Angling Club at ? Review our Angling Clubs Page for an overview of Clubs in South Australia.
    Wish to submit a Club ? Its easy, just contact us on our General Enquiries Page.
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