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Boat Ramp Classifications

Boat ramps are susceptible to storm damage, and this may affect the ease of launching. The larger, better patronised ramps would usually be kept in a good state of repair, but this may not be the case in remote locations. At some ramps, the user may be required to pay a fee in order to launch a baot.

Road Access Self explanatory.

Parking Self explanatory.

Launching Conditions takes into account the extent of which the ramp contimues into deep water to allow low-tide launching, whether deep water is readily accessible, amount of space to manoeuvre, ramp surface, etc. It does not include the effect of local wind cinditions and offshire obstacles.

Shelter takes into account the exposure of the ram to swell or wind waves, and also the presence of unseen rocks or other obstacles.Difficuly approach conditions with a sea running are taken into account.

Road Access
Bitumen or good quality gravelled road.
Gravelled road to good track.
Rough track.

Adequate parking near ramp at peak times.
Adequate parking at most times.
Inadequate parking.

Launching Conditions
Ramp in this category would usually give sheltered access into deep water at all tides. A kiosk and bait shop and public toilets would be located at the ramp or nearby. Suitable for all vehicles.
Better-quality concrete ramps allowing launching from the ramp at most tides. Suitable for all vehicles.
Adequate to poor launching, possibly from firm sand with ramp to beach. High tide launching from ramp. Lower quality concrete and rubble ramps. 2WD vehicles should use caution.
Difficult launching. Usually requires a 4-wheel drive or tractor. Off loose sandy beaches for launching.

Good shelter, no obstacles.
Reasobale shelter, ramp located in bay, minor wave problems.
Open sea, fine weather launching only.

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