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  Gone Fishing

One of the key issues in fishing is first of all knowing what your going to fish for, and secondly, how to go about the best way of enticing and making your hook and bait attractive to the species of fish you are aiming to catch. This section provides information on how to go about the best way of catching fish, by providing data on their habitat and diet, as well as informing you of the legal requirements pertaining to the number of and size of fish caught.

To fish successfully, you select the best bait, size and type of hook, type of rigging, look at the water current and tides, search for gutters, current weather conditions and berley/offal dispersement. These are the tricks you need to know to enhance your chances of landing the one that hopefully wont get away.

The life cycle of the phrase "Gone Fishing" depicts various stages of any fishing excursion. Background information on fish species is needed to determine and identify the best methods and rigs in catching the species of fish that you are seeking. Once the fish is caught, you need to know the fundamentals in preserving, preparing and cooking your catch. Lastly, what's a good meal without a good fish story, and some photos to go along with it !

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