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Yorke Peninsula

The following information on boat ramps has been reproduced from the 1991 brochure Boat Ramps in Sth Australia, compiled by the Coastal Management Branch, Department of Environment and Natural Resources South Australia.

Please refer to the Boating Ramp Classifications for a detailed reference of the ratings.

Boating Ramps - Yorke Peninsula
Road Access
  • 2 lanes all tides. Dredged Channel.
  • Balgowan
  • Ramp is concrete with a small raised walkway behind a breakwater.
  • Can launch most boats easily at any stage of the tide and in any conditions other than possibly a northerly as the waves come straight in at you.
  • Car parking is excellent.
  • Black Point
  • Cannot be used on low tides as you run out of concrete.
  • Bluff Beach
    Burners Beach
  • Good natural stone surface
  • Care required to avoid offshore rocks.
  • Edithburgh
  • 3 lanes.
  • Fisherman Bay
  • Shallow water in channel at low tide.
  • Foul Bay
    Hardwicke Bay
    Hicky Point
  • Beware of offshore reefs.
  • Marion Bay
    Middle Beach
  • Creek difficult to navigate at low tide.
  • Pine Point
  • Shallow water at low tide.
  • Point Turton
  • Commercial fishermen have priority.
  • Pondalowie Bay
    Port Broughton
  • 2 lanes.
  • Port Clinton
  • Shallow at low tide, tidal creek.
  • Port Gawler
  • Small boats only. Launching into creek.
  • Port Hughes
  • Ramp well protected by two breakwaters.
  • One floating pontoon allows two trailers at a time, with one or two boats queued in the water on each side.
  • A wide concrete strip, to the West allows extra trailers to lauch & retrieve without the aid of the pontoons.
  • There is lighting
  • A $4 fee applies.
  • Fee is paid through a ticket machine
  • Season pass of about $50 per financial year also available.
  • The car park is quite big, but, fills up at Easter and Christmas.
  • The channel and the northern side of the protected area, are very silted up.
  • Very low tides, like say less than 0.2m on the Wallaroo tide chart, can be a bit tricky to get out.
  • Keep your motors tilted right up, move all your weight forward and stick to the centre of the channel.
  • Port Julia
    Port Minlacowie
  • 1 lane.
  • Port Morrowie
    Port Parham
    Port Victoria
  • 2 lanes.
  • Commercial fishermen have priority.
  • Port Vincent
  • Congested at peak times during holiday periods.
  • Port Wakefield
  • You only have 2 1/2hr each side of the tide to get your boat in or out of the water as the channel dries up at low tide now [this is the absolute max as the wind and hight of the tide also makes a differance best to work in the 2hr bracket].
  • Remember the Restricted Area as the Army Proof Range is in the vicinity.
  • Price
  • Launching into creek, shallow at low tide.
  • Rogues Point
  • Shallow water at low tide.
  • Stansbury
    The Pines
  • Difficult launching from soft beach.
  • Tiddy Widdy Beach
  • Shallow water at low tide.
  • Wallaroo
  • Shallow at low tide.
  • Wool Bay
  • Beach access ramp, low tide.

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