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Sportfishing Scene holds immense pleasure in presenting to you, a Great South Australian Icon, namely Sportfishing Scene.

Sportfishing Scene is synonymous with Recreational Angling, portrays credence and professionalism towards the fishing fraternity, and is renown for its excellence towards the provisions and service in all aspects of Recreational Fishing in South Australia.

Please welcome Sportfishing Scene onboard, by Emailing one of its Directors, and with their interaction and involvement here at, it can only get better, for you !

A Great Offer from Sportfishing Scene
  • 10% DiscountACROSS THE BOARD on all merchandise (Sale Items Included), APPLICABLE ONLY to Forum Members
  • Discount is germane only upon presentation of Special Membership Card.
  • Only Forum Members are eligable for Special Membership Card.
  • Membership to FSA Forum is free ! - Need to Register ?
  • Email Darren McBain at Sportfishing Scene for details on how to collect your Special Membership Card.

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    Trading Hours

    • Open at 6am on All Public Holidays
    • Mon - Tues - Wed : 7am till 8pm
    • Thurs - Fri: 7am till 10pm
    • Sat : 6am till 8pm
    • Sunday : 6am till 6pm

    The Store


    The Staff

    Ian Clift [The Colonel]
    Director & Sales
    Game & Sport Fishing

    Darren McBain [Flying Ed]
    Director & Sales
    Insurance, Webmaster,
    David Yates [Yatesy]
    Rod Building & Sales
    Fly & Fresh Water Fishing
    Trent Sharman [Sharmo]
    Resident Bait Expert
    Mark Hooper [Hoops]
    Ross Van Enckevort [Buckets]

    Contact Details

    Should you be interested in Sportfishing Scene, they can be reached at

    Directors : Ian Clift, Darren McBain
    Service : Fishing, Tackle & Bait, Marine, Insurance
    Business Address : 134 Pt. Wakefield Rd., Cavan, 5094, South Australia.
    Postal Address :  
    Voice Phone : (08) 8260 2500
    Fax : (08) 8260 6980
    Contact : Contact Form
    Links : [Review] [Story] [URL]

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    Moon Phases

    Important Contacts
      Internet :
    PIRSA Fisheries
      Phone :
    1800 065 522
      Internet :
      Phone :
    08 8132 0430
      Internet :
    SA Tide Predictions
      Phone :
    1900 969 975
      Internet :
    Bureau of Meteorology
      Phone :
    SA Coastal Waters
    1900 969 975
    Adelaide Forecast
    1900 926 144

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