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West Lakes Profile

Introduction has the good fortune of having some dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic members. One such member must be afforded noteriaty, as the following photographic submissions are presented to you on his behalf.

The member's name is Leithal, and wishes to profoundly thank him, given the extreme lengths he has gone through to provide a thorough and comprehensive pictatorial overview of the West Lakes System.

As part of this submission, wishes also to protect Leithal's work and effort, 147 photos in all. Im sure you can appreciate that Leithal has spent countless hours accumulating this picture compilation, in submitting over 310 MB of high resolution photos, and he is simply seeking protection from unauthorised duplication.

Given Leithal's efforts here in providing a visual insight into the West Lakes area, he is also to be afforded the status of FSA Correspondent on this site.

Well Done Leithal

Please Note :

  • Any and All photographs which are shown from subsequent or associated links or web pages pertaining specifically to this West Lakes Profile remain soley the property of Leithal.
  • Permission from Leithal must be sought should you wish to use said images, in any way, shape or form, whether it be on other Internet Sites or document presentations, electronic, hardcopy or otherwise.
  • Failure to comply with this directive will constitute a copyright breach, and legal action can be taken against you.
  • That permission, if given, will be subject to conditions that will include a requirement that the Leithal's name and interest in the material be acknowledged when the material is reproduced or quoted, either in whole or part.

Important :

  • has been given permission, as well as exclusive rights to publish these photos.
  • Please report any unauthorised duplications of the photos, to either Leithal, or the FSA Management Team.


The submissions made by Leithal offer to you an indepth look of how picturesque the West Lakes area in fact is. It also provides an opportunity to identify locations where by one is able to both compliment a family outing or picnic with fishing.

When I was reviewing these photos in preparation of this profile, I seriously considered going to some of these locations with my family. Only now, I can also do it with a rod !

On some pages, the sequence of thumbnail photos have been displayed in such a way so as to offer you also a staggered "panoramic" view, providing in turn a better perspective of the location.

Plans are afoot to provide you with "The Pat" and "The Port" profile as well. In the meantime, please enjoy Leithal's contribution to this site, and stay tuned for more profiles.

Map Imaging

For your convenience, a Map Image has been provided where by one can simply click on a Position Number Target and be forwarded to a web page of photos about a specific location. Initially, scanned UBD maps were provided with the appropriate Location Numbers. However, UBD (through Universal Publishers) was approached towards seeking permission in using the maps on this site.

It was deemed too cost prohibitive in spending hundreds of dollars for 3 simple maps, as UBD (through Universal Publishers), in my view, appeared reluctant to foster the concept of good will and offer permission. Gregorys I believe also goes through Universal Publishers, hence they were not approached.

As a consequence, Fullers was approached, and they have graciously provided with a map, at no cost.

It should be noted that Fullers is purely and proudly South Australian (since 1927), where as other numerous Street Map Distribution Networks in Australia, I believe, have operational affiliations out of Singapore.

  Well Done Fullers, many thanks, and lets keep our patronage local and buy Fullers 

West Lakes - Map

Either Click on a Numbered Location Target or the Associated Text Link

All Photos Courtesy of Leithal
Position 1 - Trimmer Parade Position 2 - Sportsmans Drive - Scullers Reserve Position 3 - Sir John Marks Position 4 - Lochside Drive Position 5 - Corcoran Drive Reserve Position 6 - Lake View Avenue Position 7 - Settlers Drive Position 8 - Causeway Road Position 9 - Bartley Terrace Position 10 - Heysen Crescent Position 11 - Annie Watt Circuit Position 12 - Military Parade Position 13 - Hansen Court Reserve Position 14 - Dottrerel Drive Reserve Position 15 - Anthea Court Reserve Position 16 - Powell Court Reserve Position 17 - Tiranna Way Reserve Position 18 - Oarmans Reserve
All Maps Courtesy of Fullers
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