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Expectations for this Charter were running high and the day finally arrived for the FSA / GFC Fishing Charter & BBQ No. 2.

The venue was Adelaide Shores Marine, date was December 1st 2002, and the weather was absolutely perfect for a spot of fishing. As co-host of the event, I unfortunately was unable to attend, given my untimely bout of the flu.

The objective was to enjoy a great morning's fishing, and to simply foster a relaxed gathering with a BBQ thereafter for FSA Forum Members and their families, sponsored by and Glenelg Fishing Charter.

John Winslet (right), Manager of GFC was able to again facilitate a great venue, and as promised, provide a memorable day's outing for all who attended.

With both Opal II and Opal III on the water at 7.00am, with the skippers John Winslet and Phil Denver at the helm, 12 budding Fishers hungry for a catch ventured out onto the Metro waters, in anticipation of good session's catch.

Special thanks must go to the following, in helping organize and ensure a successfull event, as well as for helping with the ensuing write-up:

  • John Winslet - for singularly having to manage all the guests and play Host for a Day
  • Phil Denver - Second Skipper with GFC
  • OzDevil and Ozzy - for picking up the BBQ from yours truly
  • OzDevi, Cheryl & David for making sure I got the BBQ back !
  • The Chef's - David & Catch_Nun
  • Catch_Nun - for turning Japanese and taking happy snaps of the day
  • Lastly, all the FSA Forum Members who contributed to this write-up

This write-up is unusual in the sense that it relied upon contributions from numerous participants of the day, putting pen to paper, recollecting events that occurred, and providing various salient comments that pertained to the photos shown below.

For those that contributed to this write-up, as well as those who should read this story, several points should be taken into account. One, that each person's interpretation of an event may vary, depending upon the point of view from the narrator and two, everyone's comments are accurate, relative to each person's perspective and degree of sanity at the time of submission ! 

Comments made by the Editor (Tripod) are tagged with [Ed] and should be deemed as purely commentary.

Simply Click on the Thumbnail to view a larger image, & Who's Who !

[FishHunter] .......... My first ever salmon. Second fish ever caught on a lure.

[FishHunter] .......... My first fish ever caught on a lure was a Tommy earlier in the day. A Laser lure - must get some !

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... I rocked up at the Boat Ramp just after 12, didn't see anyone that looked like they were with a fishing charter, hung around with the kids while they played around on the rocks and the water ... about 30 mins later, a car pulled up with a BBQ in trailer - I thought this has gotta be someone ... Yep, was right, was Mrs Ozdevil & Mrs Ozzy.

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... They rang the guys to see when they would be back onshore ... they said 20min ... well we all know what men are like with time ... always late ... seeing as there was about 13 men on the boats then, you're guaranteed the lateness. About an hour later, both boats came racing round the corner to a quick 4 knots slow down ... Yes guys, we knew you were having a race.

[Catch_Nun] .......... Trident was a little too confident on the standing start race home. Didn't take into account Catch-Nun's 120kg, Ozdevil's 100kg+ and Ozzy standing in the rear.

[Catch_Nun] .......... It was like watching Laurel and Hardy when we arrived back on the ramp. Cully came up to the boat and said "G�ld_ F��h is here, she actually turned up". Ozzy and Ozdevil just looked at each other with nervous fright and shook like crazy. After saying all day "no way, no way will Goldy turn up" and all the stirring they have given her, they finally crept up the ramp to meekly introduce themselves.

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... You could hear the guys giggling & unpacking the boats ... [Ed] Guys never ever Giggle, they Chuckle, Grunt or Howl ! .......... they came up onto the ramp where the girls had set most the BBQ stuff & the men decided they wanted to move it all somewhere else... ( woman's job is never done ). [Ed] Some may say a Woman's job is never done, as they are never inclined to finish it ! - I want to see who bites ! 

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... Got everything started & the BBQ cooking guys are gas bagging & talking about their catch. I was being a good quiet girl as per usual ... sitting on a chair not saying much at all, Ozdevil pipes up telling me I'm quiet & should be up there with the guys.

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... Nope, was happy sitting there relaxing by the water in the sun .... then they pull the cameras out .... Geezz, they had to take damn pic of me didn't they, proof that I was there & that I was real. Then we had a couple of group shots. [Ed] Please note the heavy shadow effect on the group photo in one particular area - must have been where the line up of the recent eclipse was !

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... I finally got up & stood with the group having a bit of a chat, then Ozdevil comes up & poked my arm in a sling... not once, but 2-3 times [Ed] OzDevil may have a death wish ! .... didn't get to touch my shoulder blade cos his wife told him off & put him back in his place ... She's a good wifey & a nice lady too.

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... I spoke to John about next charter cos I missed this one due to my shoulder, & he said the next one will be about Feb, then get all Xmas & holidays out the way & my arm will be all fixed to go too... YAY....

[G�ld_ F��h] .......... Not long after, packing up started and Ozzy left as he had to go away the next day on a trip ... Not long after my ride rocked up & I bid my farewells & departed myself ... Was a good day & was great to meet some of the crew I have been interacting with on the site ...

[Ed] Left Image ... and that is definitely a beer between Jeff's legs !

[Jeff_Cooper] .......... I'm afraid it's not beer...anyone can tell that's a large STOUT 

[BAM] .......... My young son who is six and has yellow T-shirt in group photo said to me "that man has s-h-i-t on his shirt - how come ?

[BAM] .......... I said "Go over and ask him (Ozzy), he wont bite you" and he had one look at him and said "he might Dad". [Ed] You get some classic and truthful comments from kids.

[Ed] Image Right ... Catch-Nun claims his first Snapper of the day. Size unfortunately in this case does count - a comment not normally heard amongst the male gender !!

[Ed] Special thanks must go to Catch_Nun for providing what could be deemed as a potential accurate recollection of events, as well as the submission of the photos - thanks you. 

[Catch_Nun] .......... Ozzy grabs the tongs for photo shot only. He did not even turn one sausage !

[Ed] Any male looks good next to a BBQ, whether he is working it or not !

[Catch_Nun] .......... I handed my rod to fish-hunter so I could take a photo, when the Blue Devil struck. "Honest John" handed back my rod so I could reel in an unusual catch. I BBQ'd the Devil next night after John Winslet guaranteed I wouldn't die !

[Catch_Nun] .......... We coaxed some passer-byes to take the group photo. Ozzy and Ozdevil's wives refused all requests to be photographed. They did not want to be known associates of this pair ! [Ed] Would have to be one of the best group photos I have seen depicting a great social event.

[David] .......... We anchored at a one of John's spots, and he told us that there are Snapper and Mackerel here. Everyone, except me and Ozdevil, decided to try for the Snapper. Ozdevil and I decided to try and get a few Mackerel.

[David] .......... John had a steady stream of burley going, and in next to no time we had Mackerel everywhere ... real riveting stuff. Every drop of the bait resulted in a Mackerel. It was that good.

[Catch_Nun] .......... When Oz-devil said that Tripod wanted photos of bent Rods, I thought Kinkkky !!. David's bent rod with fish set me straight ! [Ed] Trying to visually portray the animalistic and gargantuan struggle between man and a behemoth fish was the aim !.

[David] .......... However, the birds also arrived at the scene, the birds started to attack my baits and would not let the bait get deep enough.

[Catch_Nun] Image Right ..........  John not only drives the boat, he unhooks the fish for you. Ozzy seems to be thinking "Bloody Winslet's Pet" ! 

[David] .......... Sometimes the bait got to about 1 metre but the bastard birds just dived. Note, while all the birds are concentrated on getting my bait, Ozdevil is having a real good time catching fish. Anyway, one bird dived for my bait and got itself well and truly hooked in the mouth.

[David] .......... I reeled the bastard in and John soon had a cloth over the bird, while Ozdevil held it, and I removed the hook. We tried to let the bird go, but the dumb sh*t came in the boat, and went crazy ... jumping around and stuff.

[David] .......... We eventually got it out of the boat so that it could p*ss me off again. [Ed] Pains the Editor to see such usage of colourful language, especially from such a strapping young lad, given the passion in oration of such a great outing ! ... am I taking the micky out of you David ?.

[Catch_Nun] .......... Ozzy taught me one of his main tricks of the trade - When some-one steps back after catching something, jump in and pinch his spot ! [Ed] Reminds me of what seagulls do !.

[Catch_Nun] .......... The mob polished off the BBQ in quick time. David had to cook some more to feed the starving masses.

[David] .......... This was the second time that we cooked the food as the first one was all eaten. I'd have to say that the highlight were seeing Cully's face when he saw the shirts...LOL and also the bait throwing.

[Horny1] .......... On arrival at the mariner and parking the car I noticed in the vehicle beside me 2 suspect looking, shady figures wearing 'glittering' wigs At first I was unable to recognize these characters, but once they stepped from the vehicle it was obvious who they actually were, with the first having his wig held on by an also suspect beanie and sporting a beard, the second was even more obvious by the choice of nail polish matching the wig.

[Horny1] .......... Both the O's were sporting white T shirts and when they turned around it became evident that their 'hero worship' had gone to extremes with Cully's head blazed across their backs - top effort by both.

[Horny1] .......... There was of course the reenactment of the Cully Moment down by the boats for those of us who missed it the first time, followed by our departure. On the fishing side of things, well it certainly wasn't from lack of trying, but it wasn't to be our day although some did have more luck than others.

[Horny1] .......... It was a thoroughly enjoyable day with Phil and John doing a great job trying to find us something to catch even if it was the cockles or other bait being launched from one boat to the other.

[Horny1] .......... I am sure all aboard both vessels enjoyed the day, hopefully we can do it again. Many thanks to all those involved in the organization of the trip, I am sure that a lot of effort went on in the background and unnoticed but was greatly appreciated.

[David] .......... The first "attack" came early on in the day ... when we were trolling around the blocks while the other boat was anchored drifting baits. John, I think it was, told us to grab a handful of cockles to throw at the other boat as we passed. Funnily, out of all the cockles, only ONE actually hit the boat. LOL. We then went to Marino to try for squid when John contacted Phil to tell him to not let Cully use their gear as he's known to chuck it in the drink.

[Ozzy] .......... All I have to say is my behaviour was perfect. Anything said is absolute rubbish founded in lies and as for throwing fish, that was John, and not me. I was swatting a dirty great blowy. There were two guys being absolute buttholes all day - one had a moe and the other likes to play with nail polish ! Jeez, ya can't take em anywhere. [Ed] In defense of Ozzy, I believe him ! .......... NOT

[Ed] Hopefully, the above write-up does justice to what I believe turned out to be a great day for boating, fishing and social wise. Again, I must thank both John Winslet and Phil Denver from Glenelg Fishing Charter, for their role and involvement in the FSA / GFC Fishing Charter & BBQ No. 2, and finally, to all of those who attended, pat yourselves on the back for your contribution as well.

Well Done and Thanks


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