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The venue was Adelaide Shores Marine, date was November 2nd 2002, and the objective was to simply foster a relaxed gathering with a BBQ for FSA Forum Members and their families, sponsored by and Glenelg Fishing Charter.

Given that weather conditions were not ideal for a fishing excursion, the next best thing to most if not any Australian family is a BBQ. John Winslet (right), Manager of GFC was able to facilitate a great venue, and provide an excellent wind break in the form of the Opal III runabout !

With the collective efforts of John Winslet, Terry Robins and yours truly, as well as the passion, work and input from a Forum Member OzDevil, a smorgasbord of salads accompanied with lightly seasoned spuds and onions, country style snags and rissoles, chicken wings and mouth watering portions of Snapper fillets, a feast was prepared for and devoured by all present with punitive enthusiasm.

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One event of interest was John Winslet's Tutorial in displaying an easy way of tying a Snell Knot, as well as ganging several hooks using the Snell. Definitley worthwhile in writing up another article on John's method in tying this knot. Will keep you posted.

All up, the event I believe was a great success, allowing for everyone to paint a face to a Forum handle, discuss the finer points of fishing & tackle, and consume a great meal in the process.

For all of you who attended, many thanks for coming and making a great morning, and will provide a heads up for the next FSA / GFC Fishing Charter & BBQ.

For an overview of some of the antics and comments made by those who attended, please peruse the FSA Forum Entry here.

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