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This page highlights some great shots of a few of our fishing treks in Sth Australia & Northern Territory, some humorous, some memorable, but more importantly, proof of the ones that didn't get away.

The photos here will make an impact on you as far as perceiving just who Coho, Chinook and Tripod are. I can assure you, we are great guys, have been the best of mates for many years now, and get along with just about anyone. If you're a fellow fisherman, that's a bonus.

Click the thumbnail to view the full photo, and a short story.

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The Gang ......

David Jack Poczman

David is 13 yrs of age, and the greatest son a father could wish for.

Both Coho and Chinook are God Parents to David, and he is already enthusiastic about fishing at his tender age as I am now ! He guesses each year what he's going to get for his birthday from Uncle Steve and Uncle Craig ......... fishing gear !!

Tom "TTM" Poczman
-------- Handle is Tripod --------

Yours Truly ! I'm 37 years of age, work in the IT Industry, and I just love my fishing. Its not just the idea of catching a descent feed, but fishing also gives you a chance to come to grips with your "Katra". I'm not really that philosophical, but fishing does to me, what Valium does to an insomniac ............... Peaceful and Relaxing. It could be construed as a form of therapy to a hectic work schedule.

I also like playing music on the piano, and I'm learning to play the guitar on my own, and I can tell you I'm not very good.

I am married to a lovely woman named Kerry, and have a great son called David.

Steve "Harry, you've got tits" Harrington
-------- Handle is Coho --------

One of my closest mates, we've been mates for nearly 15 years now, and have had with any friendship, a lot of good times, and has always been there during my low times. You really know who your true mates are, when they're around when you need them.

He takes fishing seriously, especially if you catch more fish than him. He is extremely competitive in fishing, almost to the point of paranoia.

Has a wife called Carolyn, 2 dogs (his Jack Russell is a psycho !) and plans on soiling the seeds of his loins to start a family in the near future.

Craig "Pure as the driven snow" Anderson
-------- Handle is Chinook --------

Craig is also a very close mate, and for as long and as close as Steve, has hobbies that range from tinkering with his 4 wheel drive, to playing with computer systems and designing application software.

During one of our "Boys Night Out", I was lucky enough to upload Craig's Photo below from his private web page, onto my web server while he wasn't looking. Im looking forward to seeing his face when he reviews this page !

I sometimes wonder if this is what Craig does to get his bait for fish !!

Eugene "Horse" Doros
-------- Handle is Horse --------

Eugene to me has been like a second father, after my own father passed away in my early teens. Both Eugene and his lovely wife Cris have a special place in my heart and my family, hence the mention on this web page.

He's a great guy, as good a fisherman if not better than me, and his wife Cris always has a smile on her face ....... hence Eugene's nickname of "Horse" !

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