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1st Fish of the Year

Submitted 04/01/2005 by ringabish

Hi all. 7.00am new years day i awake (after 5 hrs sleep) to a nice sunny a.m.,so what do i do ??

"Missus, I'm going fishing. hoo roo".

I grab my bag of pilchards from the freezer and head down to West Lakes.

Head to Delphin Island, find a grassed area and set up.

Cut cubes of pilchards and settle down on the hard steps to the water.

Throw an unweighted pilly in only 15 to 20 ft out, and not long after have a small strike.

Not a bad start, just undersize bream.

Third fish was a 30cm specimen. Cool.

Every bait I throw in gets touched.

An hour or so in I land a 33 cm. Ok their getting bigger.

As fast as I cut up more baits they are going.

Around 10.30ish, getting real low on bait.

My day in nearly over, just then BANG. quick enough to grab my rod and hang on.

Within seconds about 10 mtrs of line is gone. Bewdy, this is rather large.

Taking all the time in the world, I let it do what it wants to.

Three minutes of playing I see colour.

Not wanting to lose him, I ease him to the steps and lift slowly.. A nice but not real big 38cm bream.

Good fun on a 6ft spinner.

Not a bad morning - no bait left by 11:15 so time to go.

I dont care what any one says but West Lakes is alive and well with good fishing.

For passing time it a great spot to be out of the wind etc... take the kids, they'll love it....

Cheers ringabish...

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