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Bentstick Productions

As one of's valued Sponsors, both Shane Murton & Steve Wade from the Bentstick Productions, offer to the Recreational Angler, the digital and multimedia side to rec fishing promotions.

It is purely South Australian Orientated, both in location content and production efforts, and given its unique and informative format, its DVD Products should definitely be part of one's DVD collection at home.

Who We Are

BSP came about when both Shane Murton & Steve Wade, 2 mad keen fishos, came to the realisation that their diverse range of skills would allow for "telling yarns" in the digital age. Despite the impressive array of captures, the hard hours, the cold nights or excessively hot days, neither of the guys has ever lost focus on what makes fishing such an exciting sport.

They simply wish to share the very passion that makes anglers the world over act like children around a Christmas tree.

It might be the twitch of the line, a flash of colour or a screaming drag. It might be the rising and setting suns, the smell of a churning ocean or even the steadfastness of a remote rocky reef.

Whatever it is, the team at BSP will find it, fish it, film it and share it.

Shane Murton

Shane has always been a mad keen angler. Up until the age of 17 Shane lived on Kangaroo Island, before he moved to the seaside city of Port Lincoln, where he lived and fished hard for a further 5 years. Shane has also resided at Ceduna on SA's far west coast.

Currently he is situated in Adelaide where he has completed a Bachelor of Arts at Flinders University majoring in English, and is looking to obtain a journalism degree at university also.

Shane has established himself as one of South Australia's leading fishing photojournalists, and has a considerable portfolio of nearly a hundred feature articles published in both state and national fishing magazines. He is the main South Australian correspondent for Australia's leading fishing magazine, Fishing World. He also regularly has work printed in Saltwater Fishing, NAFA, Barra, Bass & Bream, SA Angler, Southern Fisheries and a host of other top titles.

On top of this he is the co-author of the successful 'Angling on Lower Eyre Peninsula', and has appeared on the national TV program 'Rex Hunt's Fishing Adventures'.

Having lived in some of the states most fishy waters for a majority of his life, Shane has gleaned knowledge in a wide range of angling circumstances, which has helped in accumulating a tally of impressive PB fish, and establishing a network of contacts all over SA, with some of the state's leading anglers and charter operators. Shane enjoys everything from wading the flats for flathead, to messing it with surfside salmon, to bluewater luring for pelagics. Basically he'd catch fish in a puddle if given the chance!

Steve Wade

Steve has been fishing for more than 25 years and most of the last 8 have been spent fishing the Eyre Peninsula, in South Australia's central west where he now lives. The Eyre Peninsula is one of the few remaining fishing meccas in Australia and many of the current and planned BSP DVD's are based around the area.

He is the "tech" behind BSP and has over 20 years experience in the IT field, specialising in multimedia, video editing and production. Steve is married and has 3 kids.

Steve is a keen photographer and the many fishing trips within his own backyard, in some of the wildest and remotest locations, has secured some impressive digital imagery. The move to digital video was without doubt a foregone conclusion.

Steve also has an impressive list of big fish captures, many appearing in local and state newspapers as well as within quite a few fishing magazine articles. Several of the more recent photos of Shane that have appeared in his articles were taken by Steve during many of their trips together.

Steve has quite a diverse background, from chasing cattle on horseback in the Australian outback to managing a retail computer store in Adelaide. Steve currently runs his own business as a web developer/programmer and is also a lecturer in Information Technology with TafeSA Regional where he has been for almost 7 years.

Bentstick Productions is proudly South Australian.

Contact Details

Should you be interested in Bentstick Productions, both Shane and Steve can be reached at

Owners: Shane Murton & Steve Wade
Service: Digital & Multimedia Productions
Postal Address: PO Box 2386 Port Lincoln, South Australia, 5606
Mobile Phone: Shane Murton - 0428 823 834
 Steve Wade - 0427 976 394
Email: Shane Murton
 Steve Wade
Links: [Review] [Story] [URL]

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