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Fourteen Years with Rock, Beach & Estuary Angling Club - RBEAC

Submitted 12/12/2004 by gobbs
Hello every body, I joined the Rock Beach & Estuary Angling club in the early 1990 after going to the boat show with a mate and we got talking to a guy at the freshwater fishing association about clubs and he told us about the RBEAC based at Elizabeth.

Before this we had been fishing mainly the port river for mulloway rays and what ever we could catch.

We fished places like Ici Wharf, Adeliade Brighton, Outer Harbour and the Slip Ways at the Markets, sometime 5 nights in a row. We were getting bored and was looking for some new spots to go and do what we loved best, fishing.

Our first meeting with the RBEAC was in a shed in Salisbury at one of the member houses, and there were about 15 people present and we were keen to learn about the club and the new and exciting places we might be heading to in the future.

Not knowing that I would end up a life member, club champion twice, runner up a few times, hold 5 club record fish, on the committee for 11yrs doing such jobs as club caption and publicity officer, and the biggest party animal that they had ever seen HAHAHAHAHAHA.

The first venue we went on was Pt Broughton Jetty and being young and keen we went 2 days before and by the time the venue started we were stuff and we did not see it out - not a good start.

But it wasn�t a wasted trip, I did catch my first large salmon.

A good and a bad thing would happen on our second trip with our new club, it would be the last venue my mate Troy would be on and the good thing would be Butler property would become one of my favourite places and will probably have my ashes spread there when I pass on.

Not having a drivers license for the first eight years made it hard to get to the 12 trip a years but with the help of all the wonderful people in this great club, I would not miss a trip.

I have so many memories and stories from my years in the club there is no way I would be able to fit them in this story.

And I never imagined the friendship I would make and the different types of fisho people I would meet.

Unfortunately the Rock Beach & Estuary Angling Club has folded this year due to lack of new members.

After 27 years this is very upsetting to me because this club has change my life for the better.

And with out the club I don�t seem to get to some of the most beautiful fishing location this great state has to offer.

Here is a list of the places I got to enjoy being a part of the Rock Beach & Estuary Angling club

  • All of the York Peninsula
  • Fleurieu Peninsula
  • West Coast
  • Metropolitan Area
  • Riverland
  • Mid North
  • Kangaroo island
  • Victorian Lake Sytem

    I would just like to thank the people involved in the RBEAC over the years, for changing my life


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  • Pictorial Tribute to RBEAC

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