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Fine Tuning for the Elite Angler !

Submitted 03/12/2004 by Ranger
Ok guys ! Now Since joining Fishsa I've been pretty quiet, prefering to read the posts rather than being too active, but I've been around for quite some time now, and I�ve gotten some great advice, made some good friends, and I�ve hopefully helped out a couple of you guys too.

Unfortunately, it now seems that I�ve been serious for far too long, and it�s time to change tack. So if you�ve got time on your hands, settle back for some of Ranger�s useful (or is that useless?) hint�s for the recreational fisho.

The bad weather of winter keep�s many of us from our favourite activity. Alas, now that summer is upon us, the weather is sure to break soon with the winds settling, and it�s time to start preparing for those long restful days and nights by the water.

It�s time to pull out the tackle and give it a spruce up ready for the oncoming season. Nip down to the tackle store to purchase gear, renew friendships, and find out who�s been catching what.

Now it appears that we can be quite fanatical at times about our fishing. We address all the important issues. We watch the weather, the tides, the phases of the moon. We check water temperatures. We even go as far as thinking like a fish (Where would I hang out if I were a fish? Where would I find a feed? What would I eat?)

We check that we have all the required equipment, and that it�s working to a treat. Hooks are sharpened with absolute precision. Reels are cleaned and oiled. Rods and eyelets are checked for cracks and weaknesses. Line is changed. We know that we�re ready !

Live baits are caught, loved, and held in pristine conditions. We�re gonna catch that big one this year !

It�s even time to start considering all the excuses for sickies at work. It�s important to remember in this department, that each family member can only die ONCE (keep this valuable information in your fishing log book !)

Near terminal illnesses requiring long term treatments have always worked great for me when planning those extended trips down the coast (you even get well wishes from your boss and workmates).

Anyway, each to their own excuse, just don�t try using Turet�s syndrome, it sometimes backfires, and you find out the boss is the one with that disease !

Now it seems to me, that there�s one important point that most of us fail to even consider. And that is the reason for my post.

I�d like to share a few of my tips with you, which may just help you better prepare for that next trip.

That is the mind, and the body.

You see, these days, with less fish in the water, more competition, and the fish getting cagey, we need to finely tune our bodies, condition our minds, to the stage where we are that of �The supreme athlete. A hunting machine !� This is not something to be taken lightly. It has taken me years to perfectly tune my body. To closely look at every detail. To tweak the last ounce of performance from these limbs. And I�d like to share this knowledge with you.

Don�t leave it till the last minute. It needs to be practised regularly, but it can be mastered in the comfort of your own home.

So for those of you willing to take on this challenge, here goes :

Firstly, lets look at posture. We�re gonna be spending a lot of time down by the water, and need to build up strength for those extended hours, just sitting quietly, waiting for that first bite. Now to practice at home, I�ve found a good alternative, is to sit and stare at the television screen (the channel is optional).

To practise this, I opt for the leather bound Jason recliner, although this is just personal preference. Any good quality recliner is equally as good, paying close attention to back support, and the ease with which you can reach those much sought after items ie : remote control, cigarettes, ashtray, beer, etc. This closely simulates the fishing position where you will need to reach the bait, the beer, etc.

Now, Berleying. This is an area not to be overlooked. Berley needs to be thrown into the water frequently, and accurately. I simulate this at home (in the Jason recliner) by crushing a handful of potato chips. Try throwing these at the television. I generally select a Collingwood game, and have become extremely accurate with this technique (many thanx go to Eddie McGuire for his help with this training regime).

Next, setting the hook. This requires lightning reflexes and split second timing, but can be practiced quite simply at home. Try snatching the remote control away, just as the kids are reaching for it to turn off the news (with the all important weather and tide times) and put the Simpsons on instead.

Fuel for the body. I�m a bit of a traditionalist in this area. For me, being Australian born and bred, I figure that you just can�t beat the good old meat pie ! Try it with sauce. You�ll know when you�ve got this one right ! Just look down at your shirt. No pie on there? Then you�re a winner, and well on the way to catchin that big one !

Now, most importantly (and I can�t state this enough) fluids ! We�ve gotta keep up the fluids at all times. I tend to mix my own high performance blend, using 1 part Johnnie Walker, to 2 parts Coke. For a lot of you, beer will work equally as well. Try experimenting in this area, or even changing drinks frequently, you�ll soon find something that works well for you.

Now as you can see, these are all land based techniques, but don�t think I�ve forgotten you boaties ! It all comes back to the fluids, and the mix. Once you�ve hit on the correct intake volume and strength, with practice you will find it quite simple to simulate conditions much the same as that of the sea, even in your own lounge room. The more experienced can even simulate conditions encountered in a flat bottomed punt caught in a 2 metre swell.

Now don�t be put off by the family. Sure they�re gonna whinge and complain a bit, but hey, you are an athlete. It�s gonna take commitment, and they just have to stand by your side if you�re gonna bring home the BIG fish. After all, you�re the provider, it�s your duty to pull out all stops to provide for them. They just need to be reminded of this.

I also understand that with today�s busy lifestyle, it�s gonna be hard for you to work on this technique daily, but my regime allows for this flexibility. Even if you can only practise it one night out of every two, it�s still gonna help give you the edge.

Commitment is the word. It may lose you your job, your family, even your bank account, but hey, there�s some serious fishing fun waiting for you at the end of it !

This has been another useless Ranger production.

Warning : The views expressed herein are purely of the author, and are not that of the management, the website, or any of it's affiliates. Excessive alcohol consumption, or consumption by minors is to be avoided, and can be considered a health hazard.

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