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David Bat

First Fish in Years - Submitted 06/09/2004 by David Bat
I am not known amongst my family and friends as a good fisherman.

I try whenever I can but always seem to come home light.

Crabs and Squid are all I had managed to pull in since moving to SA in January but the other weekend, may have been a turning point in my luck.

Saturday 29th of August, my wife and I decided to take a trip to Port Vincent, rods in tow, just to have a look around.

We eventually took up a spot on the Marina Rock Wall just opposite the sheds.

There the tide was on the run in, and it was looking promising.

Our bait was a bag of pilchards, rig was basic and I was fishing along the edge of the wall, when out of the blue the rod went down that was enough to put a smile on my dial.

Once I saw what had my bait, the grin couldn't be taken off my face, for out of depths came one of the biggest Dusky Flatheads I have ever seen let alone ever caught.

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