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Gone Fishing - Submitted 12/05/2003 by Charmaine
I recently took my children over to the west coast for a spot of fishing.

Did a few days fishing off The Ledge and caught a half dozen sweep and a few tommies, but the highlight for the kids were the cuttlefish they hauled in.

Altogether they caught 8 large cuttlefish and at first i was a bit reluctant to let them eat them but one of the lads with us said he'd eaten them before so i said okay lets give it a go.

They were ugly critters and messy to clean - not like squid, and they seemed to have a lot more ink.

Anyway we got a fire happening a few meters from the ledge and within no time were were eating this cuttlefish.

I was surprised by its delicious taste and it is very similar to squid.

With our lines back in the water we started reeling in a few whiting and the kids stuck a stick through the head and cooked them over the fire.

Talk about a first class feast off the ledge.

Our next spot of fishing was down at Port LIncoln where we threw our lines in off the Brennens jetty.

It was a fishers delight with plenty of fish for everyone and for all levels of fisherperson.

The highlight was the salmon - big buggers that thrilled the kids to bits trying to pull them in.

There were also plenty of garfish, mackerel, tommies, kingfish and the occasional snapper.

We ate fish for lunch and dinner and managed to fill an esky to bring a feed home to the city, along with a good feed of abalone from my sister who works in a factory down there.

It makes such a difference after fishing all around the Adelaide areas including down Waitpinga Beach way, to just head over to the west coast and catch a decent feed of fish.

it has to be one of the greatest fishing spots around.

Anyway we also fished off Snapper Rocks (in Port LIncoln) and just off Stenros Museum but not so lucky.

It was a great trip and the kids are looking forward to heading over there again very soon.

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