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Fishing Etiquette

As with the norm of life, fishing also requires that you think before you act, as well as having a degree of understanding and appreciation of others. In doing so, fishing becomes a pleasurable experience for everyone around you, including yourself. "Do unto others as you do unto yourself". Take this page as the Fishing Bible Page !

With beach fishing, first come first served. You did all the initial hard work in trying to read the beach. It's only fair that you claim some section of it to suit you. This however does not mean you have total rights and claim to an area. Let other blokes in, just don't let them squeeze you out of a good spot. Chances are you may even trade some tips and stories, if not to pass the time, then to use some of the new tips, if applicable.

One of the most frustrating things I've come across is someone crossing your line due to a lousy cast. I've seen the lagoon at Brown's Beach, at night time, with about 150 beach rods sticking out of the sand, waiting for a hookup. Average distance between each rod was about 15 ft, and I'm sure there were occasions where lines were crossed. We're not all good casters, so patience and a lot of understanding is sometimes required for your fellow fisherman. If it happens more than three time, or it affects your chances of a hookup, provide advice to your fellow neighbour, and if that doesn't work, ask him to move elsewhere ! , or you move.

No one likes to fish in a garbage dump and it doesn't matter where you go, unfortunately litter is always around . A common setup Coho, Chinook and I have is to backpack all our gear, with 4 to 6 beach rods, and a small esky for food and drink and trek to our favourite fishing spot. All our drink containers are either plastic (for water) or tinnies (West End Super). Cans and plastic can be crushed and are much lighter to take back with you than glass. Also glass can break and be a danger if left on the beach. The motto with litter is, take it back with you and only leave footprints in the sand, and fish gut for the gulls. Innes National Park has in fact been closed in the past for several weeks due to a total cleanup of littered rubbish from irresponsible people not resorting to common sense. The only people that caught salmon that fortnight were those people on trawlers, netting around the bay of Brown's Beach.

Most camp sites and caravan parks have designated areas for the cleaning, gutting and scaling of a good catch. Use them. Scales and fish gut attract if not pesky sea gulls, then most definitely big blowies, and it can be unhygienic, especially close to a camping area.

When rock and beach or boat fishing, one thing you don't have is a thunderbox (toilet). When taking a leak, do it in the water, not in a cave or a back of a ledge, where it doesn't have the chance to disperse during the incoming tide. Otherwise it can pose as a health hazard. Log dumps are a another matter. If on the beach, dig a deep hole in the sand well above the high tide mark, proceed with your business, and then bury it well. If on a boat, use a bucket (not the berley bucket !). And if you can't, or won't, be prepared to clamp your cheeks tight ! Make a habit of relieving yourself prior to any outing, whether it be beach or boat fishing. Some National Parks in the Northern Territory and Tasmania require you to collect and take back with you, your own faeces.

Fancy someone writing about bowel movements ! Hey, this web site has it all !!

So when it comes to fishing etiquette, its nothing special. Let common sense prevail. Also take into account that you are not the only fisherman out there who wants to have a good time. Keep the above in mind, have a good catch, and you'll walk away a much more satisfied person.

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