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Figure Eight Knot

This type of knot is made for the purpose of attaching leaders, traces or other terminal tackle. It has the advantage that they can be tied quickly and in the dark.

Also, terminal tackle can be easily interchangeable on this knot. I primarily use the figure eight knot on bottom fishing rigs for light or heavy sinkers. Its easy and quick to make, and if used in conjunction with a dropper loop, you need only to worry about its placement on the rig relative to the dropper loops. Learning the knots takes time.

Tying the knots and locating them on a rig takes some practice as well.

First, bend the line back upon itself to form a loop. Then twist the loop twice over around the doubled leader. Pass the end of the loop thru the first loop formed to get the figure of eight configuration. Pull the knot tight and cut off the tag.

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