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Dropper Loop

The Dropper Loop is used to form several loops in a line above the sinker. When correctly made the loop should stand out at right angles to the line. The loops can also be made long enough to loop a hook directly onto it. This may not be a good idea when fish are not on the bite.

Make a loop in your line. A handy tip is to put a match stick to one side of the crossover. Rotate the match, putting a twist in the line. Make about 5 rotations of the match stick so that a series of twists are made on each side of the match stick.

Remove the match and pull the doubled section of the loop thru exactly the same hole the match stick was in.

As you pull the knot tight, you will notice the sequence of twists reverse so that the loop feeds from the center of the knot, rather than outside as you might expect.

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