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Cat's Paw Knot

Stretch a double line from the knot to the swivel to insure that the legs of the line are of equal length. Remove any twist from legs of the line. Select a swivel with adequate wire diameter ie thickness. Using a too small a swivel will actually cut the knot.

In Step 1, thread the loop through the eye of the swivel.

In Step 2, rotate the swivel vertically through the loop three times. Coat the prepared knot with saliva, as this helps lubricate the knot when making the final pull. Looping the swivel three times is recommended, however, you may need more wraps if using light line, and less wraps with heavy line.

In Step 3, grab hold of the swivel in one hand and the double line in the other, pull the line against the swivel so that the twists gather. Finish off by working the twists down onto the eye of the swivel with your thumbnail, making sure that the legs of the double line are equal in length.

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