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Baiting Hooks - Pilchards Fillets

Even though it may look as if you are going to extremes, baiting a hook with Pilchard Fillet does offer variety and potentially good results in a hookup. Naturally you would need a sharp, flexible fillet knife.

The most convenient hook choice is a bait holder or a snecked pattern. The twin barbs positioned along the shank of the hook will support the pilchard fillet and prevent if from collapsing around the gap of the hook, hence denying you an attractive presentable bait to lure the fish. A long shanked hook, or a suicide pattern 1/0 - 3/0 will suffice.

Step 1

Fillet the Pilchard with a sharp knife.

Step 2

Pass a long shanked hook through the fillet 2 cm down from the tail end of the fillet.

Step 3

Thread the fillet onto the hook shank at least twice.

Step 4

Secure the fillet with a half hitch knot around the tail end of the fillet.

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