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Baiting Hooks - Whole Pilchards with Twin Hooks

This hookup is ideal when fishing for snapper above 4 kg. By using 4/0 - 6/0 Suicide hooks with a 25 Kg trace, snell the two hooks about 5 cm apart. One significant factor to keep in mind is, when inserting kirbed or offset hooks like suicides, ensure that the hooks face or point upwards towards the top of the pilchard.

Securing the pilchard's tail with a half hitch acts as a slip knot, which supports the whole bait as it's cast, but pulls out as soon as enough pressure is applied to break thru the pilchard's thin tail wrist. Half hitching the tail also helps to keep the bait firm from potential "pickers".

Step 1

Push the bottom hook thru the pilchard's head, immediately behind the eye socket.

Step 2

Position the top hook naturally along the pilchard's back, then move it forward 1cm and push it thru.

Step 3

Make a half hitch in the trace around the tail.

Step 4

The finished bait should hold the hooks with the points exposed.

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