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C Sinkers

C Sinkers, an invention developed and made in Sth Australia, is a relatively simple concept and unique in design. They are basically a ball sinker that has been moulded in the same way that a split shot is designed, with a plastic insert that fills the cavity of the sinker. This cylindrical plastic insert is sliced along its length to allow you to add or remove both the sinker and the insert from you rig, without having to cut your line and re-tie.

If you want to increase the weight on your line, all that is required is the removal of the smaller sinker, leaving the plastic insert on the line, and placing a larger sinker onto the insert. The reverse of replacing it with a smaller sinker applies as well.

Another advantage to the C Sinker is the speed by which one can vary the amount of weight on the line to quickly adapt to changes in fishing conditions. Say for example, you are fishing with people all around you catching fish with drift bait. A simple retrieve of the line and a rig minus the lead sinker offers you a perfect rig in no time. This is quite handy should fish, like whiting, be around for a short period of time.

These types of sinkers are quite useful when using braided line, as it can avoid tie consuming re-tying of more complicated swivel knots.

There are eight sizes currently available to choose from, ranging from 4 grams to 80 grams. Personally, I think they are well worth a try, and they are readily available in most tackle stores in Sth Australia.

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