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Baiting Presentation - Whitebait

Grouped Whitebait

Whitebait are an excellent bait and just about anything will have a crack at them, including Bream, Mulloway and Trevally. They are also renown as being one of the best baits for Flathead.

Small fish such as Whitebait are used whole by threading a number of them on the hook through the eyes. This method keeps the bait intact and natural looking. Put on enough to fill a hook and you have a bait that Flathead can't resist.

Step 1

Collect four or five baits and make sure they are defrosted.

Step 2

Thread the Whitebait on the hook by pressing the hook through the eye socket.

Step 3

Repeat this procedure until the hook looks well loaded.

Step 4

The finished product should look something like this and is a sure way to hook up on Flathead.

Ganged Whitebait

Ganged Whitebait is ideal to use when trolling for Snook off a jetty ay night. By attaching a small split-shot to the line to weigh the Whitebait down, you can have yourself a nice catch of Snook by simply walking slowly up and down the jetty.

Speaking with some scuba divers, they mentioned to me they were quite amazed with the number of people that cast their rigs way out into the water from a jetty, where in fact an abundance of fish could be found directly below the jetty.

Step 1

Utilising a small gang rig, select a bait that is roughly the size of the rig.

Step 2

Lay the rig next to the bait to determine where the last hook needs to be placed so that the top hook goes through the eye socket.

Step 3

Insert the bottom hook through the bait between the spine and the dosal fins.

Step 4

Place the second hook in the bait.

Step 5

The top hook needs to go through the eye socket.

Step 6

Your finished bait.

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