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Baiting Presentation - Prawns

One bait that always causes confusion is Prawns. Anglers tend to want to get the whole hook into the Prawn, which results in the Prawn being presented as curled, obviously dead, and obviously on a hook. It is essential when using Prawns to make sure the presentation makes the Prawn look like it would if it did not have a hook in it. Hooks with bait holding slices on the shank will help keep the Prawn in a natural position.

Step 1

Insert the tip of the hook behind the head.

Step 2

Slide the tip of the hook out at the junction of the second and third shell joint and pull through.

Step 3

Re-insert the hook at the point at which is emerged.

Step 4

Slide through to the junction of the fourth and fifth segments and pull through.

Step 5

Re-insert at the point from which it emerged.

Step 6

Pierce the end of the fifth segment.

Step 7

Pull the hook and the line through so that the line is running clean down the back of the prawn.

Step 8

Pull the hook back up into the prawn.

Step 9

Your hook needs to look something like this. Complete the bait by securing a half hitch around the spike on the top of the prawn's head.

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