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FSA Forum offers a unique opportunity to its Members and Visitors, where more often than not, relevant if not interesting topics and posts are made.

One such topic of discussion has brought out passions of opinion and debate, laying rise to a proactive Initiaitive by its Members - the Anti-Netting Sticker Initiative.

Hence the Forum Members themselves have been addressing this issue of highlighting and promoting this Initiative, with a huge flurry of activity, discussion and graphics designs.

The objective has also been to ensure that any decisions made in reference to this Initiative are drafted by a genuine and collaborative effort by ALL Forum Members wishing to partake in this venture.

Discussions & Posts

Given the interest and focus on this topic, a large number of posts have been made within FSA Forum, highlighting input, discussion and debate on the Anti-Netting Sticker Initiative.

One Subject has been locked, due to the number of posts within the subject having reached its managable limit, where as a second Subject is open for input and discussion by Forum Members. These posts are

The Stickers

For ease of viewing and central collation, those stickers that have been submitted for perusal have been placed on a separate page, with an arbitrary number assign to it.

The stickers highlighted on this page symbolise and portray the effort and dedication given by some Forum Members who have devoted their precious time in addressing this topic, and proactively highlighting their degree of enthusiasm towards addressing the percieved imbalance of emphasis that is placed towards Recreational Angling vs. Netting in our Gulf waters.

When making posts to Anti-Netting Stickers No.2, it may be prudent to highlight the sticker number in your discussion, so other Forum Members and Visitors are aware of which Sticker you may be referring to in your post.

Display Previously Submitted Stickers
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Sticker Selections - Voting

Voting Now Concluded
Read More for the Winning Sticker ]

The following Stickers have been selected for Voting, allowing all fishSA.com Visitors and Forum Members to Cast their Preference for the Top Anti-Netting Sticker.

Click Image to Enlarge
Sticker No. 04 Sticker No. 05
Sticker No. 07 Sticker No. 08
Sticker No. 11 Sticker No. 15

A Poll is now running within the Polling Booth, allowing you to cast your Vote for the Top Anti-Netting Sticker.

Polling is scehduled to close on the 19th May 2003, at which time the Results can be viewed
and the Top Sticker is Selected

Prizes & Sponsorship

As an incentive if not entertainment towards partaking in such an exciting exercise, for every $5 contribution that either a Forum Member or Visitor makes towards the Anti-Netting Sticker Initiative, each contributor will be entitled to a draw against the following Prize Pool.

For example, if you contribute $10 to the funding of the Anti-Netting Sticker Initiative, you will be eligable for 2 draws from the Prize Pool.

Given that the current phase of this Initiative is in the Discussion/Submission Phase, mechanisms towards making contributions are currently being finalised, and we should have some feedback to you in the week after Easter.

1st Prize [Valued at approx $70]

  • 1x Okuma T-Shirt
  • 1x Okuma Cap
  • 2x Packets of Storm 2� Soft Plastic Shads
  • 1x �Angling on Lower Eyre Peninsula� by Shane Murton & Ben Knaggs

2nd Prize [Valued at approx $45]

  • 1x Storm Cap
  • 1x Angling on Lower Eyre Peninsula
  • 4 x Lazer Lures [25,35,50 & 70gm]

3rd Prize [Valued at approx $30]

  • 1x Storm Cap
  • 1x �Angling on Lower Eyre Peninsula� by Shane Murton & Ben Knaggs

4th Prize [Valued at approx $20]

  • 1x Okuma Cap

5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th Prizes [Valued at approx $11]

  • 6 Copies of �Angling on Lower Eyre Peninsula� by Shane Murton & Ben Knaggs

All monies collected from this initiative are to be directed towards the order and manufacture of stickers using the winning design, and to be initially distributed amongst those contributors highlighted below.

The decision determining the further distribution of any remaining stickers is to be discussed within Anti-Netting Stickers 2.

Prizes have been generously donated by

Contributions - Methods Available

Contributions Still Welcomed

Two methods of Collation are available to allow any fishSA.com Visitor or Forum Member to make Contributions to the Anti-Netting Sticker Initiative. They are

  • Pay Online with Netbanking
    • Enter the domain name fishSA.com in the Reference Field that your bank provides. The account details are as follows:
      • Account Name :  MR T Poczman
         BSB No. :  805023
         Account No. :  04079658
    • Please take a screenshot of the acceptance funds transfer screen, and email it to [email protected].
      To do a Screenshot, simply press CTRL+PrtScr together, then in your favourite Image Editor, do a Paste, then save the file and include it in your email as an attachment.

      Confirmation of Funds Transfer from Bank Institutions can take up to 48hrs
      from Time of Electronic Transfer
  • Pay by Cheque or Money Order
    • Make your Cheque or Money Order payable to MR T Poczman.
    • Post your Cheque or Money Order to:
      •    fishSA.com
            Anti-Netting Sticker Initiative
            PO Box 352
            Gawler, SA, 5112, Australia
    • Please Print this Web Page and include the printout with your Cheque or Money Order, so as to ensure that your contribution is targeted towards the Anti-Netting Sticker Initiative.

      Confirmation of Deposit into Account can take up to 72hrs from AusPost Posting

Contributions - Made To Date

As soon as ANY Contribution is identified (from email) or confirmed (via electronic deposit), a listing of those people who have generously contributed to this Initiative will be highlighted below. Should there be any concerns or issues in your name Not being listed below, then please email [email protected] as soon as possible.


    Date :Date when correspondance via email was initiated by Contributor to fishSA.com
    Contributor :Name of the Contributor, whether it be a FSA Forum Member or fishSA.com Visitor
    Amount :Amount of money pledged by the Contributor towards this Initiative
    Contribution Method :Method by which Contribution was made, whether it be by MO or Cheque, NetBanking, or Cash
    Contribution Confirmed :All Contributions are confirmed once the deposit has been idenitified within the Funds Account. The Totals Tally will only reflect monies which have been Confirmed.

 1. 3rd May 2003 sharphook 40 Net Banking Yes
 2. 5th May 2003 CarbonLogic 20 Net Banking Yes
 3. 7th May 2003 Gaffer 20 Net Banking Yes
 4. 7th May 2003 Cully 20 Net Banking Yes
 5. 7th May 2003 OzDevil 50 Net Banking Yes
 6. 7th May 2003 stewade 100 Net Banking Yes
 7. 7th May 2003 Scotty 20 Net Banking Yes
 8. 8th May 2003 Flatrock 105 Cheque Yes
 9. 8th May 2003 Agrothic 20 Net Banking Yes
 10. 9th May 2003 Chuckthrillseeker 20 Net Banking Yes
 11. 9th May 2003 stewade 10 Net Banking Yes
 12. 10th May 2003 ianzajac 20 Net Banking Yes
 13. 12th May 2003 RossieG 10 Net Banking Yes
 14. 13th May 2003 Nanks 20 Net Banking Yes
 15. 7th May 2003 Corkhead 30 Cheque Yes
 16. 7th May 2003 Norm Hayton 10 Cheque Yes
 17. 7th May 2003 MarcSA 15 Cheque Yes
 18. 13th May 2003 Anz 50 Cheque Yes
 19. 7th June 2003 tutti 25 Money Order Yes
 20. 13th June 2003 Monolith 15 Net Banking Yes
 21. 15th June 2003 Tripp 30 Cheque Yes
 22. 19th June 2003 Gazza 30 Net Banking Yes
 23. 20th June 2003 rosella 30 Money Order Yes
 24. 13th July 2003 Mick_Brennan 50 Net Banking Yes
 25. 15th July 2003 jdh 50 Net Banking Yes
 26. 17th July 2003 Ozzy 200 Cash Yes
 27. 17th July 2003 OzDevil 50 Net Banking Yes
 28. 17th July 2003 shaker 20 Net Banking Yes
 29. 18th July 2003 abehr 10 Net Banking Yes
 30. 21st July 2003 Smithy 10 Net Banking Yes
 31. 29th July 2003 andrewg 20 Net Banking Yes
 32. 29th July 2003 Alan 10 Money Order Yes
 33. 4th July 2003 Mr_Willy 20 Cheque Yes
 34. 31st July 2003 Handlines 50 Cheque Yes
 35. 8th September 2003 Ifishlots 10 Net Banking Yes
 36. 20th September 2003 yt256 5 Other Yes
 Total $ 1215  

Thanks & Appreciation

It should be noted that fishSA.com or fishEP.com have in no way benefited financially from this excercise, and have simply devoted their time towards helping coordinate a strategic and centralised approach in having
the Anti-Netting Stickers become a reality.

fishSA.com & fishEP.com wish to thank all those Forum Members and Visitors
who have contributed to this Initiative.

A Special mention and thanks must go to Decky for his foresight in initiating the topic, one which holds enthusiastic debate, discussion and input.

Special thanks must also go to Anz, Swadey, Flat Rock & Chuckthrillseeker for their efforts,
sacrifice and dedication in running with this Initiative.

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