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Anti-Netting Stickers

The Stickers

Sticker No. 01

Sticker No. 02

Sticker No. 03

Sticker No. 04

Sticker No. 05

Sticker No. 06

Sticker No. 07

Sticker No. 08

Sticker No. 09

Sticker No. 10

Sticker No. 11

Sticker No. 12

Sticker No. 13

Sticker No. 14

Sticker No. 15

Sticker No. 16

Sticker No. 17

Sticker No. 18

It should be noted that fishSA.com or fishEP.com have in no way benefited financially from this excercise, and have simply devoted their time towards helping coordinate a strategic and centralised approach in having the Anti-Netting Stickers become a reality.

fishSA.com & fishEP.com wish to thank all those Forum Members and Visitors
who have contributed to this Initiative.

A Special mention and thanks must go to Decky for his foresight in initiating the topic, one which holds enthusiastic debate, discussion and input.

Special thanks must also go to Anz, Swadey, Flat Rock & Chuckthrillseeker for their efforts,
sacrifice and dedication in running with this Initiative.

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