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Wardang Island - Flat Rock Reefs

Wardang Island - Flat Rock Reefs

To get to the spot marked "X", you need to approach the island from the west, keeping in line with the tips of the jetty and the island, as shown. As you approach the first reef, you can actually see it in the water, should the seas and breeze be slight. Once past this reef, anchor yourself 50 metres beyond the first reef. The second reef is the one to worry about, as it sit low in the water, and is often smashed by breakers. Ensure that your boat anchor doesn't drag, by letting out heaps of anchor rope and getting a shallow angle of the rope to the bottom.

I've seen boats traverse the sandbar, using it as a short cut to get back to Port Victoria. I wouldn't recommend it, especially during low tides as you could ground the boat. We drove the long way, well beyond Seal Island and the submerged rock.

This area is extremely reefy, and boats should ingress and egress the area very slowly till reaching open water. This spot can be hazardous should a westerly or southerly wind be present. But the fishing is well worth it. The depth of the water is around 13 metres, and on a calm, sunny day, we could actually see rugger snapper near the bottom, going for some diced pilchards. This area also promises good catches of Trevally and huge Snook.

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