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Coho with a nice Queenfish

Taken during our fishing stint in the Norther Territory, April 1999. The aerial acrobatics that this Queenfish offered to Coho was second to none. It jumped at least half a dozen times out of the water, trying to shake the lure off. This is definitely one fish Coho will not forget catching. It weighed in at 7.2 kg.

Queenfish are perhaps the hardest fighting of the Northern Territory's sportfish, swimming fast and jumping high. It is a saltwater predator with a leathery silver skin and primitive appearance. It attacks lures either cast or trolled around shallow reefs and sandbanks and in tidal creeks, and the fish show a marked preference for surface lures.

Queenfish often occur in shoals and can provide fast and furious action when they are feeding. They can be caught from shore on surface lures and bait, where their spectacular surface takes and long leaping runs on light tackle provide a great adrenalin rush. Queenfish grow to 12kg.

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