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Timothy Nash with a Kob

From: Timothy Nash
To: "'[email protected]'"
Subject: Suggestion
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 09:42:16 +0200
Return-Receipt-To: Timothy Nash


Thanks for the great fishing page - I am in South Africa and the fishing conditions here seem very similar to yours !

I think it would be great if you had a section on rigging for game fishing as this is a subject that is not very well covered on the net. E.G. leaders, if/why you need a double and some basic trolling advice.

I have attached a picture of a Kob (possibly called Daga your side) I caught a week ago - 24.2 Kg. I would like to know if you guys have this fish in your waters .


Tim Nash
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Eastern Region

fishSA Comments:

Judging by the size of the fish as well as the characteristics of the tail, I would say it that the Kob is a distant relative to the Mulloway.

Even reading about the Kob's habitat, bait preferences, fighting abilities and rigs required, one can definitely draw some parallels between the Kob and the Mulloway.

You may want to peruse to draw your own conclusions about Kob.

Many thanks Tim for your photos submission to

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