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Uni to Uni Knot

This particular knot is used for tying two pieces of line together or tying a monofilament leader to the new braided lines. When working with soft monofilament, braided lines tend to cut into the mono-line. This can be overcome or slowed down by using a loop for your free end on the braided line and then tying the same knot as shown below.

The single Uni-Knot is the basis for an entire knot tying system. Once the basic knot is learned, it can be used for everything from tying hooks to light line, to joining lines that vary by 10 times in test strength. It also provides 100 % knot strength in most of it's applications.

Step 1

Overlap the two lines for about 15cm. Using one end, form a circle that overlies both lines.

Uni to Uni Knot 2
Step 2

Pass the end six times around the two lines.

Uni to Uni Knot 3
Step 3

Pull the end tight to draw the knot up into shape.

Uni to Uni Knot 4
Step 4

Repeat the process using the end of the other line.

Uni to Uni Knot 5
Step 5

Pull both lines to slide the two knots together.

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