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Spider Hitch

The offshore fisherman often have a need to tie a double line - a long loop of line that is obviously stronger, and easier to handle, than the line itself.

The Spider Hitch is a fast, easy knot to create a double-line leader. Under steady pressure it is equally strong but does not have the resilience of the Bimini Twist under sharp impact.

It is not practical with lines above 15 kg test.

Step 1

Form a loop of the desired length, say 1.25m. Twist a section into a small loop.

Step 2

This is the only tricky part - hold this loop with thumb and forefinger, the thumb extending above the finger, and with the loop standing up beyond the tip of the thumb.

Step 3

Wind the doubled line around the thumb and the loop 5 times. Send the rest of the long loop through the small loop, and pull gently to unwind the turns off the thumb.

Step 4

The knot is now formed and worked into tight coils.

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