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Rapala Knot

The Rapala Knot is popular method to tie a lure (such as a Rapala!) to a line such that it can move freely and unimpeded by the knot.

Essentially the same as the Non Slip Mono Loop, the knot has one more step in it�s making. Whether this makes it more secure is still up to debate.

It does make it slightly more difficult to tighten down neatly, but with practice can be done. You should know how to tie one or the other for the occasions that you want your bait to swim more naturally.

Step 1

Tie an overhand knot. Leave 5" of free end. Run free end through the eyelet.


Step 2

Run free end back through overhand knot.


Step 3

Wrap free end around standing part of line 3 times.


Step 4

Thread free end through back of overhand knot.


Step 5

Pass free end through loop that is formed.


Step 6

Moisten line and draw up tight. Trim excess.

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