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Another Kerley Adventure

From: Peter Kerley [[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, 2 December 2002 8:50 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Taking ya mates fishing.

My mates from Adelaide lobbed on me friday night about 8pm. So we all partyed that night. Took them out in the boat saturday just for an hour as we were all suffering (self inflicted). Found a sandy patch, dropped the pic and bang straight off, a nice whiting.

We ended up with a dozen whiting and a 6 pack of tommies. Sunday, we went to the salmon hole but things were very quiet, so I took the boys to Millers Hole. Within 5 minutes, I had a 7lb salmon at my feet. Only problem was, my large eggbeater slipped a cog a couple of times getting him up the 40ft cliff face.

Bookie was the next to hook up but he had his drag too light and the salmon went straight under a reef and busted him off. Rocky was next, but it was on Bookie's rod cause it was just about to go over the cliff, but Rocky saved it, so he had to wind him in.

Unfortunately due to his inexperience he let the salmon go under the cliff, so not wanting to loose him as it was Rockies first, I tied a rope to the troopie and over the side I went. It wasn't too bad getting down as there was plenty of footings.

Well, got him, so back to fishing. Next was Bookie again, so this time I stood next to him giving some coaching as he tends to loose more than he catches. Cause his rod and reel wasn't up to the task, over the side I went again.

Another 7 lb salmon to the bag. I was next to hook up but this one was smaller so he was a breeze to get up the cliff. We lost as many as we'd caught due to tackle failure, so we decided that was enough plus, we ran out of beer so we headed to Wanna Bay to have a look at a gutter I used to fish.

Gee those sand dunes are huge up there - lucky I got big tyres on the troopie. Arrived at Wanna Bay and the gutter was excellent, as the last time I was there it was sooted up. So I will be going back there at christmas.

I waved goodbye to the fellows at 7am, with an esky full of seafood delights and big smiles on there faces. Bookie will be back at chrissy so we will be hitting some of the local haunts.

So until then guys keep those lines tight.

pedro the fisherman

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