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Baiting Hooks - Half Pilchards

Baiting a hook with a half-pilchard is suitable for fish such as large King George Whiting, small Snapper, Trevally and other mid range fish. A single hook of 3/0 - 5/0 is suitable.

When using the head half, push the hook up thru the fish's gill latch, pull it thru the top of the head and then push it into the flesh and out again down near the cut section.

The tail half is definitely easier to bait. Push the hook right thru the fish about 2cm down from the tail. Then push the hook into the flesh and out again roughly two thirds of the way along towards the cut section. A half hitch knot then can be applied around the tail for added security. This present the hook point well clear of the pilchard and it generally makes for clean, positive hook ups.

Step 1

Cut the pilchard into equal portions.

Step 2

To bait the head section, push the hook up from the gill latch all the way thru and out the top of the head.

Step 3

Push it into at out of the fish to expose the point and barb.

Step 4

To bait the tail section, push the hook all the way thru approximately. 2cm below the tail.

Step 5

Push the into and out of the fish to expose the point and barb.

Step 6

Secure with a half hitch around the tail.

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