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Amazing but True - Submitted 30/06/2003 by Smudger
Set off from North Haven ramp with a mate in his tinny to trawl for salmon trout around the Outer Harbour breakwaters.

All was well as we caught 30 or so in an hour on small silver spinners.

Good fun as I hadn't really bothered with this type of fishing before.

My mate Tangles felt the need to bleed the lizard and as he had had a few beers, wasn't keen to do so out of the tinny.

So we pulled up next to the breakwater and he got out to do his business off the rocks.

Then I hear 'Smudger come here, theres a huge squid at the base of the rocks'.

No danger, I had a bloodworm squidgy (soft plastic lure) on a spare rod and as I have snarled a few calamari before on this lure, the fact that Im a bit lazy and the fact that I wanted too catch more salmon trout, I gave a half hearted effort to catch the squid.

First cast retrieving the squidgy and bang my little orange sabre with 3kg line, Daiwa reel, went off.

I knew something decent had grabbed it and low and behold 5 mins later after a few runs I gaffed and landed a 5.5kg flathead, dusky I think.

Anyway, what a buzz I had, never seen a lizard this big since the early 80s when my old man pulled up a 6kg specimen off Beachport.

We stayed for another hour, it was 2 hours after high tide and we ended up with 3 flathead, another beauty close to 4kg, 2 whiting and 30 odd salmon trout that afternoon.

I have returned twice to that spot for 1 more respectable lizard but nothing will take away the memory of landing 2 monster flatties, when all we were doing was havin a break to relieve ourselves.

Amazing but true.

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