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Getting Ready to Set Sail - Submitted 30/04/2003 by BAM
Well on Sunday, was my daughter Natasha's 13th birthday, so about a month ago, I teeded up John of Glenelg Fishing Charters to take the family out for a fishing trip.

There were 4 adults, 1 older teenager and the children, 7 of them aged from 6-13 yrs.

Well we rocked up to the new charter boat and John took 1 look at all the kids and cleared off and left us with Captain Dave, so we headed of about 12.30 with beautiful weather and great excitement.

The first stop was the tyre reef where we got about 6 whiting (keepers) but they were pretty slow , also about 6 small snapper (chuckers).

Anyway Captain Dave said this isn�t much chop we will head off to one of their secret locations, so after about half an hour cruise we get to the secret location to find half a dozen boats about not catching anything much and Captain Dave informs us they are in the wrong spot so he puts the boat in the middle of these boats and I�m thinking what is he doing anyway.

Dave gets the boat settled and we all throw in the lines and that was it, one whiting after the other, everytime one of the children caught one they screamed "I GOT ANOTHER ONE", so all the boats for miles around heard them, not that some of them were too far away anyway.

Some were only meters away and they were catching zilch.

I was on the port side and I didn�t see 1 whiting caught by the 4-5 boats on that side and asked Harry who was on the otherside if the other boats where catching any and he said they didn�t catch any until Captain David told the boat next to us on that side where to cast and they started to catch a few.

We ended up with about 40 whiting (keepers) on the day and threw probably twice that back that were just undersize anyway.

It started to get on so we headed back towards home and Dave stops of for 1 last fish to give the children a chance to catch some Mackerel and that was so exciting watching them catch these fish.

We ended up with about 15 of them.

So just after sunset, we headed back to fuel up and get back to the ramp

What a great afternoon fishing we had and a wonderful day for my daughter to celebrate her first day as a teenager.

She ended up with 14 fish, where my other daughter Danielle (10 yrs) caught 6 and my son Kieran (6 half yrs) caught 9 fish.

Everytime Kieran caught one, he would yell "he got another one" and Dave would come and take it off his line and measure it and Kieran would ask can we keep it and when Dave said yes he said "YEA BABY YEA".

To all the other boaties out there (some didn�t look too happy) that we came across on Sunday, sorry about the noise but we did have a wonderful day.

And to Dave and The crew from Glenelg Fishing Charters, thanks for a memorable day out, also for the lollies and icecreams for the children (and big kids) and the white wine for the big kids

It was a day that we will never forget.


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