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Darryl Daniels

Ardrossan Grain Jetty #2 - Submitted 17/02/2003 by Darryl Daniels
Just got back from Ardrossan again (early). It blew a bit hard in the arvo and one of the crew got a bit green around the gills.

Actually I held off as long as I could as we had run out of burley and he didn't yawn, so we pulled the pin.

It was a lousy day, fish wise, but we had a couple of surprises, like a 5lb bream for starters, followed by some of the biggest gar I've seen for a while.

We were pestered by undersized snapper, all of which are still swimming.

Tommies were scarce although the ones we did get were exceptional. Kings were completely abscent as were the salmon, mulloway and trevally.

Smaller gar had a habit of beating the bigger ones to the baits but that didn't matter much as the crabs were big and hungry and we bagged out so fast it wasn't really fair.

Rakers were getting a few in the shallows at low tide, but just out of their depth (around 5-6 foot deep) there were plenty.

We had trouble keeping the baits up to them as they cleaned your nets out, in under 5 minutes.

So if you intend going and getting your share, be warned, take plenty of bait.

We moved around a bit but we found 100 meters to the right of the grain jetty where you will see clear patches about a third of the way out from the shore was by and far the best spot for both the gar and crabs.

We launched on the morning tide on Sun 16th Feb. and used the arvo tide to avoid the shallow entrance to the ramp.

The tide was mainly on the rise when most action took place.

By the way, if you can get hold of some fresh (?) European Carp, they are the best crab bait and last heaps longer than traditional baits.

cheers until next time.

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