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Ben Horrocks

Feeding Frenzy Sharks - Submitted 21/01/2003 by Ben Horrocks
Here we go again, waking up at 2am on a warm Sunday morning, packed the boat and off we headed to the North Haven Boat Ramp.

We arrived there at about 3am, boat in at 3:15am, the water was like glass with conditions expecting to reach 15-20 knots northerly winds at about 7am.

We wanted to get out there before it got rough, as I only have a 22ft boat.

Once arrived, we berleyed up the water. This spot was a weed and sand area what I call the Mudholes, 13 nautical miles directly right as u exit the mariner.

I have fished here several times before and had luck on all trips.

We had 4 shark floats in the water, nothing had happened until about 6am when 2 rods went screaming off.

These were no ordinary 3 foot sharks we would usually hook up 2.

While Brad was reeling in the 2 rods to get them out the way, Wayne was reeling in one while I had the other.

I held mine off while Wayne pulled his in, a 20 minute fight resulted in a 5.5foot school shark on 8kg line. He loved it.

Next while mine was screaming line away, and this is 20kg line, we decided to pull up anchor and follow this specimen, as I didn't know what it was, and with my arms tiring, we all tag team fished.

After 30 minutes went by with more then 300 yards of line out, we opened up the 175hp motor and went screaming after this fish.

Once we were within 50 yards, we got a look. Wayne yelled out Hammerhead.

We knew the fish was not worn out so we played it safe.

We estimated about 8 foot of shark. I was shocked to see a Hammerhead this big come into 15foot of water once we had it next to boat.

I reluctantly let it go as I didn't have a camera to take a quick picture.

We returned to our spot with Wayne and I tired. It was a good morning.

We headed back in after getting our bag limit of school sharks, with the biggest at 5.5 foot.

We got back in at about 1pm with smiling faces.

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