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Chuck Thrillseeker

River Murray - Hogwash Bend - Submitted 09/01/2003 by Chuck Thrillseeker
Went up the river for a few days with the kids, spent most of the time pulling them behind the boat (tube/kneeboard/ski) but did manage to get a bit of fishing in. Unfortunately I caught nothing legal. I fished a spot that I had fished in November and caught 8 callop in an hour (only 3 were keepers).

This spot had very few shrimp in November but heaps of real big ones last weekend.

There were a couple of guys fishing this favorite spot of mine when we got there and they had caught no legal ones in two days. Back at camp, it was the same story, no one had caught legal callop.

One other thing that was different last week to the trip in November was the water was about 1 foot higher.

I fished two other spots over the week, with no success at all. Only caught 3 carp for the trip, they were scarce too.

A little point on bait - I lived at Cobdogla for ten years back in the eighties and fished all over the Riverland. We tried all sorts of bait combinations, using tiger worms and shrimps as the main baits and I can asure you it did not matter if the worms were top or bottom, or the same for the shrimp - we caught just as many fish on either, so dont think you won't catch callop if you don't have shrimp.

Another good bait to try is gents. I've only caught two cod in my life and both were on gents at Walkers Flat (hence another nick name I was given "TWO CODS" ).

Another hint, we used size 1 or even a 1/0 hook for the shrimp and worms.

With the worms, we used to load the hook right up, big baits attract the fish.

Mind you the size of the worms you get in most containers these days aren't as thick as a 1/0 hook - best to get some horse poo and grow your own if you really want to get amongst the big ones.

Anyway best of luck and tight lines to you all


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