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Chuck Thrillseeker

How to Catch South Oz Trout - Submitted 21/12/2002 by Chuck Thrillseeker
As a lot of people have not fished for Trout before, I will try to set you on the right track, to have the best chance possible to catch a Trout.

We will cover Tackle, Bait and Techniques, to catch Trout.

Right, lets start with Tackle.

You need a light rod at least 6 foot long, 8�-10� not being a problem.

The reason you need a long rod is because, the ponds you fish in the rivers are usually reed infested.

The long rod makes it easier to get your line in and out of the water.

A landing net is essential, as is Waders or Welly Boots, for most spots on the rivers.

You should use your small reels, spooled with 2-3kg line. If you use 2kg, make sure your drag is in tip top working condition. 3Kg is ideal for S.A. conditions, again because of those pesky reeds.

A couple of very small floats, you want a float that will just sit under the surface and offer no resistance when the fish takes your bait.

The only lead you will need is again very small Split Shot. This can be used to set the depth of your float or bottom fishing.

Hook size will vary with your choice of bait, Size 10-14 for Mudeye�s and gents (I use size 12), size 4-6 for Green Creek Worms and Yabbies.

Got any idea what bait your going to be using yet? Yes that's right, the only bait you need buy, is Gents.

Bring some Garden Worms from home if you like, but the best Worms are the Green Creek Worm. You can collect them by digging with a fork in the moist surrounds of the river, especially at the base of reeds and under rocks.

When you turn the rocks keep an eye out for Yabbies. The one�s about 1-2" are ideal. Remember to put the rocks back and cover over where you dig, we don't want the rivers looking like a mine site.

Tiger Worms are not that successful on Trout.

Use 2-3 worms on the hook, then suspend them under a float, about 3-4 feet or put a small split shot on, to take them to the bottom.

If using Gents, thread them to cover the hook, then float fish them. Every 15 minutes or so throw a few in the water as a burley, but don't over do it.

Yabbies and Mudeye�s are collected the same way, by dragging a fine bait net [available at Tackle stores for about $5] through the weed in the shallows of the river.

After you have scooped the net full, tip it out on the bank and spread it out. Any Yabbies will be seen wiggling, Mudeye�s will be seen trying to run away.

What is a Mudeye I hear you say.

Well it is one of the best baits to catch Trout. It is the Larval stage of the Dragonfly, and lives in the weed on the edge of the river.

When you put the Mudeye on the hook, you put the hook through the wing case, so as to keep the Mudeye alive. A live bait is much better than a dead one.

The same goes for the Yabbie, you hook them through the tail, to keep them alive.

It is a good idea to get to to your fishing spot early, so you have plenty of time to collect your bait.

Now a little bit on how to fool a Trout.

You must be Quiet under foot. You can talk or yell, this does not affect the Trout, but heavy noise on the ground is detected by the Trout.

Bright clothing should also be avoided, as well as to much movement next to the water.

Try to stay hidden, behind the reeds. Trout feed close up to the reeds, looking for Yabbies and Mudeye�s, so don't worry if your float is right up against the reeds. That's where the fish feed.

Also remember that Trout pick the bait up, in their mouths and swim off with the bait. So again the importance of light gear can be seen.

If the Trout feels any weight, he will drop the bait. Do not keep a tight line, allow a little slack, so the fish has time to take the bait. Have the drag on your reel set light, Trout have a big first pull, you don't want to snap your light line.

When fishing for Trout, I like to have one rod with bait, and then set it at one end of the pool. Then I either Spin or fly fish at the other.

Those that fly fish will know about Flies. For those who want to spin, I've caught more fish (Trout, Redfin) on Red and Black Celta's than any other spinner I've tried and I have a healthy collection.

So try Celta�s, or any other spinning blade you might like.

If you want to have a go with lures try the Rapala�s or a Fat Rap. The small Rapala �trout� pattern is a good one.

When fishing this style, keep casting all over the pool, if a fish sees that lure enough he might just strike at it out of anger.

Many fish are taken on Spinners and Lure�s, and it breaks the day up from just bait fishing. Or you could try to catch one on a fly that you have tied yourself , now there is the real challenge in catching trout, and the adrenalin rush when you hook a big one is unexplainable.

Then again if you enjoy resting and listening to nature while fishing then two bait rods are the go.

Well I hope I have helped you understand a little about trout fishing.

I hope now you will also understand that, Trout, so we are told do not breed in our rivers. They are stocked by the S.A. Flyfishing Club.

So ALWAYS pack a camera, take a couple of picks and then return them to the water as quickly as possible ( I've got some great video shots as well).

If you want to weigh your fish and then return it to the water, bring your own electronic scales and if you really want to eat one, buy it from the shop, or there will be none left in the waters to catch.

The rivers where the fish are put, are 90% of the time on PRIVATE PROPERTY, so you need to get permission from the land owners. I have fished all over the state and have had little trouble getting on to the rivers.

Remember, be polite, take your rubbish with you and leave gates as you found them.

Well that�s it for this time and I will be glad to answer any questions (not my personal spots though) through the forum.

So good luck and Tight Lines trying to catch the elusive Trout.

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