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Chuck Thrillseeker

Gone Fishing - Submitted 21/12/2002 by Chuck Thrillseeker
As I stood on Browns and gazed to my right, I noticed how far down the end of the lagoon people were into the salmon.

I looked back over at the kids, they were still in the sand hills playing.

I kept casting that lure, the one they all said was working well on the salmon, a blue SAFTA I think.

The fish were moving along the lagoon towards us, not everybody was catching them, but they were definitely moving closer.

I looked around to see Tyson (son) was back, I told him to get his line in the water as the Salmon were here.

My next cast saw me hook onto a beauty.

As I watched it leap clear of the water, I looked over at Tyson and wondered if he would catch his first Salmon.

Next thing I hear is �Dad I think I've got one�. I looked over to see his rod bent, with a Salmon for sure.

I still hadn't landed my fish so he was on his own until I did.

When I finally got my Salmon to the shore, a wave broke and before I knew it, the Salmon had spat the hook.

A nice 2kg Salmon lost.

I threw my rod up on the beach and tried to help Tyson land his fish.

He had it right in the surf as I saw it turn its head and with a shake spit the hook and swim to freedom. �Well� I said to Tyson, �we have both lost one now, but don't worry you'll get one�, as I quickly rebaited his line and cast him in again.

I gave the rod to him, went to grab mine and I heard, �Dad I think I am on�.

Put my rod down again and watched with glee as my son pulled in his first Salmon, of nearly 2kg. [While complaining about some part of his anatomy hurting from the rod butt].

There were some big smiles as we despatched of his fish.

I again baited his line and cast in, still time for me to catch another I thought as I grabbed for my rod; �Dad I�M ON�.

Put my rod down again and watched as he lands yet another Salmon, just a tad smaller than his last.

Bait him up cast in and grab my rod as quick as possible, cast, cast, cast, cast, cast hmm no hey dad I'm on, from Tyson and no bites on my lure, damn the fish have gone.

Well as I strolled back up the beach and sat down, I thought to myself, yep that�s how it is now, 3 fish for Tyson 1 lost fish for me.

I had better cherish the thought; at least I had one on. That�s better than not having one at all.

As my other son Tyrone looks up at me, and say�s �I want to catch one of those Dad�.

Yes the fish may be a bit lean for me at the moment, but what a great joy and experience it is to teach your sons to fish and then see their faces as they catch their fish.

As we walked back along the beach heading for camp, I tried to explain how lucky we had been to catch Salmon on only his second trip to Browns.

One day he will, as we all do know, just how hard it is to hit the �Salmon at Browns.�

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