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Darryl Daniels

Ardrossan Grain Jetty - Submitted 18/12/2002 by Darryl Daniels
"The fishing had better be good" I thought to myself, god knows we've earn't a fair trip. I had fitted a new limited slip diff to the car and this was its maiden trip, and last ! A quick phone message to home to order a replacement for this replacement and it was off fishing.

The ramp at Ardrosson has a little warning sign that should be carefully read and understood, that this is not a ramp to be used at low tide - they really mean it !

Ramp 1 props 0.

The fishing made up for it as the first cast was a keeper flathead, quickly followed by trevally of various sizes from throwbacks to keepers. A school of barracoutta soon had lines racing in all directions and we were glad to see they moved on just as quickly.

When we arrived at daylight, the tide was peaking and we fished all day on the turn and run out.

Meanwhile the wind was pushing an uncomfortable 2m+ swell against the runout tide. but the fishing was just switching on with kingfish attacking livebaits that were too scared to come out from under the boat.

Some nice salmon around 2kg were willing but a little too much water between em for my liking. Massive schools smashed the surface to foam along with birds of all types screeching and diving.

It was so spectacular and it was good just being there to see it all happen out of range.

I had a great surface strike on a pencil popper that smashed water everywhere, but failed to find the hooks which I find amazing, as when I got it out of my tackle box to tie it on it got hooked up on everything including my shirt !

It got a bit too uncomfortable outside the end of the jetty, right in line with the jetty where it attaches to the T. As close as you can, legally is 30m.

Always use fish burley ie minced and frozen heads, backbones and entrails along with any other old bait like pilchards, cockles, old bread, sardines and so on.

We moved inside where the swell was better and no whitecaps, the result was the same, as soon as they refound our burley trail, along with some nice tommies were chow a lone slimy mackeral which a King ate and now swims around with some red lazer sharpened jewellery.

Despite the wind and swell, we had a ball and the closeness to the ramp makes this a spot worth trying soon !

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