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Darryl Daniels

Saltwater Fly Fishing - Submitted 23/10/2002 by Darryl Daniels
I have recently come to own a flyfishing outfit ! I had'nt done any fly fishing at all in the past, although I found out early in life that the salmon at Waitpinga and Browns like one on your line on a separate snood just up from your pilchard, and have saved the day for me on many occaisions when retrieving after missing a bite I have picked up a salmon on the fly on the way in.

To be fair, I have had the fly twitch going in the right arm for some time and was driving family members mad with hints of owning such items as rod, reel, line, flies, leaders, fly tying vice etc, etc. I must have hit the right spot because they all dobbed in and got me the lot to shut me up !

This is a slightly different story on fishing than you would normally read as I would now like to go and catch some saltwater fish with said outfit as I am sick of casting around the backyard (so I dont look like a goose when I come out in public with the wand).

Now for the sixty four dollar question, has anybody heard of schools of small yellowtail kings getting around the traps as I would love to have a go at them with a fly. I heard of a couple of schools of fish around the 3-4kg mark near Whyalla and Pt.Augusta, maybe someone could throw a bit of light on that for me.

I also intend having a bit of a wade on the reef at Browns so if you see some bearded old git running around down there flogging the water to foam with feathers, stop laughing long enough to come over and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I'd really appreaciate it !

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