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Matthew Mc.

The one that nearly got away - Submitted 28/08/2002 by Matthew Mc.
My mate Brad and I awoke to the howling winds of the Yorke Peninsula about 4.30am, which is nothing uncommon.

After days of preparation, nothing was going to keep us out of the water.

So we hooked up the boat and drove straight across from Coobowie to our favourite Snapper spot, which I would rather not name.

When we arrived at the boat we were greeted by 2-3 metre seas. Brad was a bit skeptical because he doesn't handle rough weather all that well. So we launched the boat which was a task in its self.

So off we went to our spot which is only in about 10-11 feet of water.

We had been anchored for a few hours and not having much luck, few Port Jacksons and Squid bothering us.

About 10.30 when we thinking of just about giving the ass because Brad was really ill and there wasn't much sign of any Snapper around when my reel started screaming. After many Port Jacksons I knew I had the real thing here.

The fish took 100 or so metres of line and took me about 10 minutes to get it in.

Its real tricky fishing for snapper in shallow water because your not lifting the fish up like most people do, your bringing it across the reef.

So after getting the fish to the boat, I decided to lift it in, not gaf it. While lifting it, the line broke and off it went.

Devastation sets in and I'm shaking my head in disbelief, meanwhile all the excitement has got the better of Brad and he is chucking up over the side when he sees this big red floating on its back almost gone.

So we pull the anchor up and motor over ther and scoop it up with landing net, we finally had the thing in the boat.

It was a 8.5kg beauty. Thank god for Brad being sick or we probably would never of seen it floating along.

The End

Written by
Matthew Mc.

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