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Glenelg Fishing Charter

Glenelg - Submitted 4/02/2002 by John and Kaye (Glenelg Fishing Charter)
Hi Tom,

The local scene has been poor for the prime species but Garfish, Salmon, Leatherjackets and Mackeral are in abundance at present with the morning tides being best.

Snapper news is bad, no worse, I haven't seen a legal Snapper for three weeks. Records show we were catching between four to eight fish a session off Pt Stanvac, Wide of Glenelg and Outer Harbour this time last year so they have to show up soon.

Whiting have been patchy off Glenelg with drifting(when possible) the best method of locating the small pods and nailing a few at a time.

This method usually produces a Flathead or two around 25-35cm (watch size limit) and sometimes a 2-3 Kilo monster, try dragging a whole Pilchard on a running rig with 4-6ounce lead and a metre trace to 3 ganged 5/0 hooks.

You need around 20lbs. main line as it's usually snaggy.

Try the area's aprox. one to two kilometres West of Seacliff reef, the same distance out in front of Brighton Jetty and the Southern outer area. Grange tyre reef has Garfish, baby Snapper,and a few Whiting if you can get away from the Leatherjackets and Mackeral.

Garfish have been biting well one day and slow the next. The last Dodge tide on the Grange tyre reef they bit so well we just lowered the lines into the water and watched them fight over who was first.

Try a little Tuna oil mixed in with the surface burley and fresh Gents. Glenelg tyre reef, The Dredge, Barge and Freds are all producing good Gar although Kemps and other similar grounds close inshore are becoming less productive.

Salmon up to 1.5kgs are schooling between The Blocks and West Beach Marina and are really good fun to catch.

They change there preference of lure regularly when trolling and can be caught by drifting through the schools with cockles on a Whiting rig. You can locate the schools by watching for surface activity or on your echo sounder as you troll.

Big Silver Drummer up to around 3kgs are on the Seacliff reef swimming right up to the burly pot catching the small pieces and avoiding all the pieces with hooks in them, but when someone does fool one it's on for the next 10 minutes. Great sport but they spray paint your boat green when you land them.

John Winslet
Glenelg Fishing Charter

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