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Glenn Boucher

Coffin Bay - Eyre Peninsula - Submitted 25/02/2001 by Glenn Boucher
Inside Coffin's, whiting have been caught around the island to 35cm and a couple of 6kg Snapper were taken in the channel.

Coming up to Easter, the larger Snapper should start to move out and school up.

Places like Seal Corner for the land based fisho's and Black Springs for the boats are definately a good chance for the next 6-8 weeks.

We've been getting good catches of Sand crabs in the last 2 weeks out near Longnose.

At Farm Beach on the Northern side up to Frenchmans, plenty of Snapper are biting both small and up to 8kg mark in the shallow water off the rocky points in about 5-7 metres.

No set spots as they are on the move.

KG's are biting well off the Fenceline, still, they've been going off since December with not too many undersize and if you find a good bit of

bottom, slightly harder or an edge from sand to reef there have been good fish around 40cm but you'll only pull 6-12 before they stop.

On my side of things, all charters this season have come back with catches of large Red Snapper [ Nannygai] and Snapper on the full day run where we go very wide and all the half days which are for KGs mainly, have had good results, considering some groups are Mum and Dads with young kids.

Some 28 KG's for a morning of fun has them very happy. On a recent trip the largest KG was 48cm, smallest 34cm with 50cm slob Garfish hammering the baits.

We pulled 21 big Gar in the last 30 minutes of the trip.

I forgot to mention the Sandhills grounds, you know were they are, out front of that big sandhill you drove past on your way to Point Sir Isaac, when you were driving along 7 mile beach.

This ground has also been very reliable all season. At times it can be difficult to find legal fish but they are there, the problem is that the Stripped Perch [Trumpeter] have finally turned up there nailing everything before the KG's get a chance. It is a ground that pays to move around a lot.

Well thats about it for the moment, I've spent enough time on the computer so I've got to go fishing, in fact I've got a big day planned for tomorrow chasing the Big Reds as I reckon I know where they should be and the time is nigh, this time last year I pulled 14 over 20lb in 9 trips.

Keep in touch.
Glenn Boucher
Coffin Bay Fishing Charters

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