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Fishing Log

 [Product by Ken Fox]


Fishing Log is a multi purpose package designed for recreational fisher. It greatly simplifies the chore of keeping fishing records.

A compact yet comprehensive User Guide is provided with the software, offering a great reference to its usage.

The philosophy that records of previous fishing experiences can improve future results is promoted by many fishing experts. This program makes the record keeping operation a very simple point and click exercise.

Main Menu

The main Menu screen consists of various functions, those being Tides Fishing Spots & GPS Waypoints, Knots, Navigation, Fish Profile and much more.

Log Book

Is your catch diary. Click on the book and it graphically opens for options :

  • Add : Simply use your mouse to point and click in the details of your last Fishing Trip. It is exciting that you actually point and tag each area fished on the map rather than having to verbally describe it. If appropriate, record is automatically linked to your Fishing Spot (GPS Waypoint). You are led through the process step by step providing a discipline designed to optimise the usefulness of the record. There are many data options relative to �bread and butter� counting fish or individual Sports Captures. The whole process need take but a few minutes giving you the diary that otherwise you might not keep.
  • Browse List : The quick way to peruse your catch records. None the less is extremely powerful in it�s selectivity i.e. by area, dates (season), weather etc. Moon phase and tide details are also recalled.
  • List Compile : A powerful Data Manager that can produce lists, reports, graphs for effective analysis of results. This is where computer records can beat hand written diaries.

    Fishing Spots & GPS Waypoints

    Maps of all of Australia are provided with special more detailed maps of local areas. Whilst not full nautical charts as this budget priced product is not seeking to compete with the many but expensive navigation dedicated and specialised products on the market, the maps are none the less extremely accurate and powerful in that they can expand up to a mere 600 metres across the screen.

    Popular spots such as St Vincent Gulf, Spencer Gulf, Coffin Bay, American River/ Kingscote, Streaky Bay, Robe, Elliston, and Port MacDonnell include depth contours. Maps adjust to either the old Aust Geo datums or the new GDA (WGS84)

    The GPS Database facility is considered by many to be worth the asking price alone. Sad stories are rife of those who have lost their fishing spots because of unit failure, theft, or user error. Fishing Log is an ideal vehicle to protect these records with some of the many other advantages being :

  • System reads coordinates and places each items on the map exactly where it is. Whilst user may have a chart plotter on boat, remember this is on the home PC. You are able by simply clicking the print button to produce on board GPS maps or lists. You also can click between points and system will report distance and direction. A map find facility moves map to find a waypoint.
  • The ability to record and monitor what fish have been caught on each spot. Can actually click around map and see catches.
  • Records can be basic (given name and coordinates only) or very comprehensive. Options include depth, type of bottom, descriptive comments, date saved, source, classification (icon), performance rating, and image such as a mud map, plus more. Fishing Log also supports the old (pre GPS) transit mark system.
  • An ability to un-clutter display by selecting only required items.
  • An inbuilt quick back up system to floppy disk.
  • A GPS Manager facility that links with popular GPS interfacing software or spreadsheet records. Does not however interface directly with GPS unit.
  • A system to email swap Waypoints with Fishing Log buddies

    Knots & Ties

    A collection of animated graphics representing the most commonly used knots is included.

    Knots such as the Haf-Blood and Snelled knots offer the Rec Fisher a great reference and the immediate know-how into ensuring your terminal tackle is properly tied.


    Fishing Log comes with official tide data that covers the whole state. Any interstate trips are covered on request free of cost by email file transfer. Fishing Log adds considerable value to tide data.

    As well as reporting times and heights of changes it draws daily graphs, calculates flow rates, graphically displays moon phasing, sun and moon rise and set, shows the whole tide cycle to readily identify our �dodge� influence, gives Maori type so lunar times and rating, adjusts to secondary locations, and automatically adjusts for daylight savings. Provides all this information in a neat printout for on-board use.

    Tides include many of the Principal Ports of Australia. Updating of these Ports are available upon request from Ken.

    Easy navigation allows you to peruse tides from week to week, and the graphics offer you an overview of a mixture of semidiurnal and diurnal tides that occur on our Australian Shores.

    Fish Fax

    Fish Profile provides immediate details on some of the common varieties of fish targeted in our waters.

    Information such as habitat, appearance and bait is included.

    Contact Details

    Fishing Log has an automatic Program update and tide file replenishment system. Each November a floppy is posted to users. After your first 12 months usage a nominal charge is includes for payment with the update to keep you on the update list for next year.

    Receipt of these updates is usually eagerly awaited, as Fishing Log is a continually developing program based on user feedback. As a South Australian product distributed nationally, service and advice is readily available direct from the author Ken Fox.

    Fishing Log is extremely competitive in its pricing, and easily affordable by the average fisher. Asking prices for comparable software with the same degree of functionality can reach the $500 mark, where as Fishing Log is budget priced, with full blown options and functionality.

    The degree of available functions and options are continuously being maintained and updated by Ken, as well as the introduction of new features, assuring further new releases of  Fishing Log.

    The above listed functions are just some of those available through the Fishing Log. Should you be interested in the Fishing Log, Ken can be reached at

    Product: Fishing Log
    Designer: Ken Fox
    Postal: 29 Braeside Avenue, Seacombe Heights, SA, 5047
    Voice Phone: 08 8298 4527
    Email: [email protected]

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