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Mike Dunn with a Mulloway

Date: Wed, 27 Jan 99 10:20:00 9CS
From: "Dunn.Mike"
To: ' Poczman'
Subject: RE: Fishing at Port Vincent


Well, I've returned from a week at Pt Vincent with the smell of fish on my fingers. Nothing to brag about, but managed to get a couple of healthy bags of tommies (fat guys - 7 - 8 inch). Caught them off the pier from 9pm - 11:30pm ... at low tide too!! Went for 3 stints down at the pier - managed to bag a couple of bream (30cm) on gents!! And there were some other dudes catching school mulloway (40cm) occasionally.

Nothing was being caught during the day - even at high tide Apparently the boaties were catching some decent whiting 2ks out too. Went out in the boat a couple of times - didn't have a motor - the dude I was borrowing the boat off took the motor to get serviced (the tinny is 9ft long!!) rowed out about 500m into the bay - and only picked up a couple of tommies.

The weather wasn't kind to rowing a tinny - it blew a 25 knot wind from Monday morning till when we left (Saturday).

Spent most of the time snorkelling with a spear - managed to get a nice snook and a couple of strongies. Saw lots of mullet, snook, tommies and bream too.

Anyway, it was a relaxing holiday - spent a lot of time with the missus & the rookie - Pt Vincent is a great swimming beach for kids - and very popular


For a REAL fish - check out the 63 cm Mulloway above - thought it was a snag at first until it started thrashing around!!! Caught it at Tauwitcheries channel about 4pm (last February) and had it for tea that night - reeeeeal nice. Stayed up till about 10pm and caught another 8 but they were undersize.

Went down there a week later with a friend (who heard about the mulloway) - that's a bit of a story..... We set off in his rubber ducky (25hp) at 8pm (in March 98) just as the sun was setting from the "boat-ramp" in Mundoo channel - and headed off for Tauwitcherie. Anyway the 30 min trip took 2 hours (which included running aground 5 times (cos we couldn't see the channel) and one time we veered off the channel by about 200 metres - and had to drag the boat back to the channel (by torchlight). There was no moon, it was cold, windy and we were wet (the rubber ducky giving us a nice shower on every wave).

Anyway we set up tents and fished from 10:30 - midnight and managed to get only one mulloway 35cm. By this time we were like blocks of ice so we turned in and tried to get some sleep. Because our feet were so cold we couldn't get to sleep for about an hour - and by this time we were feeling pretty crummy.

Anyway, at 6:30 we staggered out of bed, a little depressed about the whole situation, and while I was getting breakfast together, my mate went out 30 ft into the channel in the rubber ducky for a "quick fish". Within 30 seconds he pulled in a fat salmon trout, and then within the next 5 minutes he'd bagged 2 mulloway.

Breakfast suddenly was discarded, he came in and got me and we fished until about 9am and caught 26 mulloway!!! (Unfortunately they were all undersize (schoolies - 35-42cm) so they went back (apart from 2 which we "stretched" and ate for lunch). But it was great sport - managed to get a hattrick (3 casts - 3 fish) and caught about 5 on lures. Our stomachs were protesting at this time so brekky was gulped down, and we then fished from 9 - 11 but only caught another 7.

Actually after 9 all the other boaties came down - they didn't get many either - so getting up early sure paid off All we did to get them was to have a berley bucket with a standard berley mix hanging out the back of the boat, and then have a large hook with half a pilchard on it (no sinker) - then just cast it into the current and let it drift down - keeping it as taught as possible. The fish loved it... and so did we.

Anyway, better go and do some work.


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