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Coho's New Boat

Well, Coho's gone off and done it in style - he bought himself a boat. You may say "Big Deal !!" But wait ....... there's more !! Have a look at the curves, the thrust, the weight to power ratio ........ am I drooling ?

I should be (and definitely am) considering I have a seat reserved on it !

One of the first photos I saw of Coho's new boat - this was the "advertisement photo" on the web.Front End shot - notice the bow and the deep "V" of the hull. Guaranteed to slice through some huge swells with ease.
Shot towards the back end of the boat. As per Coho's email below, looks as if my spot, as per this photo's view, is on the right (port) side !Another back end view. Can easily cater for 6 persons in the back.
Ground Control, do you copy ?? - The intelligence centre of the boat (minus the driver !)Rear view showing the power behind the new driver ! Lets just hope that the driver can cope with the power !!

Admittedly, the photos above don't do it justice. Just read the specs in Coho's email below, and you may then start to feel an appreciation for its sleek and style, as well as potential performance.

Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 11:16:24 +0930
From: Steve Harrington
To: Poczman
Subject: Boat - tuna chasing

HI ,

Just to let you know, I went to Brisbane on Wednesday last week and purchased a Stessl Yellowfin - 6 metre, with a 150 hp Suzuki, 2-years old and only just broken in with less than 70 hours of use.

Good fishing deck with self-draining floor boards and kill tank, deck wash, 200 litres of fuel under the floor. 6 rocket launchers with a cuddy cabin. Electronics include map plotter gps with all SA water chips, 2-marine radios with one a marine phone. Lawrence sounder that tells the size and specific depth of fish, water temperature, and boat speed.

So, while you and Craig are battling the pelagic fish up North, I will be launching from Glenelg and fishing off Tapleys Shoals or Tourbridge Island/Shoals or Antichamber bay of KI. Also going to Pt. Hughes first week of June, so will be chasing snapper in the Channel, about 40 km's off Moonta Bay.

Should get the boat late this week, and sea trials will commence. Have reserved your permanent seat as ballast on port side back of boat near sea spray and opposite fuel tank.


Captain Coho Harrington

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