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Baiting Presentation - Cockles

These smooth-shelled molluscs are a top bait for a wide range of surf fish and can be gathered from many ocean beaches around SA. They are abundant between the high and low tide marks on beaches where they burrow below the surface sand. Collecting Cockles is best achieved by probing the sand with your feet.

A Cockle shell may be cut open by inserting a knife at the narrowest point and twisting. A clean bait to handle, it remains firmly on the hook. Cockles will keep for quite a long time if stored in a wet bag in the shade. They can also be kept frozen for later use but are best used fresh.

Step 1

Begin by breaking the shell and removing the meat centre.

Step 2

Pull the hook through the top of the mantle.

Step 3

Twist the bait 90 degrees and sew through the mantle again.

Step 4

On the third time through, place the hook in the meat of the Cockle.

Step 5

Finish your bait with a half hitch around the top of the bait so that the bait covers the entire hook and wont slide down the hook.

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